Back to Basics

Whenever I think of a room or a piece of furniture I would like to create/possess. I go back to the drawing board and look at sketches. I like the bones of work and the process. Everyone’s process is different and you have to find what works for you. I pull photo after photo in magazines. I do a layout mentally, draw it several times. Move things round and round, then, draw it again. Soon, I can envision what it’s truly going look like. When contemplating furniture, it’s helpful to lay out tape to make sure there is enough space.

Now, it’s time to hunt for the perfect piece. I’ve found along the way, what I thought I wanted and what I’m now searching for, gets morphed. The piece I began with is completely different from the one I’m lured to now. Being open to new pieces is key, but knowing what you want is priceless. Generally we buy things that are safe and comfortable.  I like to take risks and encourage them. BUT…if your house is vanilla with a splash of sage, going out on a limb and buying an electric blue chair is probably not going to make you happy in the long run. Maybe try something with the color in it before you commit to a piece of furniture. Another tip is to print out the piece and tape it on the wall. Live with it in the room for a couple days or weeks (in the actual spot you want it) and if it makes you happy, then commit. 

I think the suggestions above are good for substantial pieces or for a large financial commitment.

For the small pieces…be free! If you find a small piece that makes you smile and you can’t live without it, go for it. It’s in your blood. 

Inspirational images/sketches/pieces

Pedestal Group - via MidCenturia

air sketches - inventor spot

Inspirational design job- by way of K.I.D collective. Click image for more photos from this job and K.I.D. Collective projects.

French Baroque Chest - via Sweet Nothings


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