Glamour Illustrations and Installations – Bring them into your life

I’ve been told, only the original is what you should be interested in. Well…I’m not. Don’t get me wrong, I Luuv a good piece of original work, but if it already has a home or one you just can’t take home, there’s another route. Visit it or buy a print. Art is meant to be loved and evoke emotions, so do what you can to bring it into your life. I recently came across two artists that I have fallen in love with. One an Illustrator and the other a Modern Installation Artist. Both go to the extent of girly.

Fortunately, as I was writing this post, I swiped up a piece of the Illustrators original work at a flash sale that went live today. I found a post on her blog about the pieces being sold to public and was able to get one of the originals before it was gone. There are also limited edition prints sold as well. You can find them on a members only site. – Samantha Hahn.

Girl with Toy Cars

Samantha Hahn evokes a certain kind of femininity. Her strokes are effortless and her calm palette mixes with a vibrant strength which empowers my senses and makes me feel free. She has the ability to give a watercolor complex intensity and sooth at the same time. 

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The second Artist, Theresa Himmer, is something special. She combines large masculine modern buildings with SEQUINS! I mean…if I could get it passed in through the Architectural Review Board in our town. I’d be all over it! I LOVE IT!  Himmer colors one of my favorite cities in the world Reykjavik, Iceland. The Denmark native took the frosty concrete city by storm and made it beyond glamourous.

Below is an in depth interview with the artist and how she approaches design.

Theresa answers the Design Centres questionnaire:


The motivation?
The desire and internal need for taking part in having an influence on the world (hopefully in a positive way) – the desire to create  wonder, and to enrich.

The process?
The process is part and parcel of each project – in my case that always involves a clear study, sketch work and… apart from that, projects seem to have a way of appearing in the most unexpected gaps in the everyday – where you let go. I consciously try to be very open to such conditions, and create a space for them to happen.

The vision?
I am interested in challenging how we perceive our surroundings – and thus in some way to make pockets, or rifts, in conventional definitions, which can then be filled with new meanings. This can appear in many different stages or layers. Anything from working with buildings and objects…

click here for more on this interview with Theresa


2 Comments to “Glamour Illustrations and Installations – Bring them into your life”

  1. Sequins on a building- that is brilliant!

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