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February 29, 2012

Neutral Take

Sometimes all it takes is a neutral. Here are some of mine.


For neutrals see my Style Board

Sparkle and Fade Bomber jacket

Frye Boot

Asos Palazzo pant

Cresent Plate necklace

Guess Camp pant

February 29, 2012

I got out!

This week I got out! I went out into the world to see what was around the corner. Sometimes it’s hard to leave our normal footprint and steer away from the trends, but what makes our lives better is a broader perspective. The only way to be inspired by the Art, Fashion and Furniture around you is to go searching for it. Unless you just ordered something insane off the internet, it’s probably not going to come knocking at your door, so get out! Leave your town, city, island and see the how people are living, what they are wearing, what they’re sitting on, what they’re looking at. What’s in your town is certain to be different from someone else’s. It’s how we’re wired. We’re all different.

About 40 minutes outside my footprint, I found this really inspiring funky, retro set up. I felt like I had been sent to my house growing up, but with a vintage mod twist. The only thing missing is the scenic beach wallpaper.

To add any of these pieces to your life, visit Copper Fox Antiques.

Scenic Wallpaper by Better Wallpaper.

February 28, 2012

Clutch Magic

Don’t under estimate the magic of the clutch. All of the shows from Milan’s fashion week have gotten me excited about accessories.  Here’s an inspirational image that is power packed with fun accessories, but the one I love is the punch of the clutch. Here are some other fun clutches to amp up your dull outfit. It’s an easy fix.

Jessica McClintock – Frame Pleated Clutch (Red)

Alejandra Sky – Sunburst Clutch (Orange Multi)

Jalda Chameleon Mini Eden Clutch with Chain

Christian Louboutin Anastasia Fox Fur Clutch

Budd Leather Lizard Calf Continental Clutch Wallet

Elie Tahari – Felicity Clutch (Curry)

Juicy Couture – Super Star Georgie Clutch 

Lodis Accessories – Eden Suzette Clutch

fashion image via Marie Claire Magazine

February 27, 2012

The Vibrant Jen Stark

Jen Stark is an artist of many mediums, but the pieces which catch my eye the most are her sculptural works. As a Miami native, her environment has influenced the brilliance of her artwork giving it a natural movement with boundaries, but not limitations. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

” I definitely think environment and upbringing can affect art-making. Growing up in Miami I experienced so many different cultures and their colorful energy probably rubbed off on me. Also in Miami, plants are green and thriving year-round, and I was always surrounded by an abundance of them. I think my interest in nature sparked my love of accumulation, layers and microscopic patterning. Because it seems that many people can become stagnant in Miami I decided to go to Baltimore for college, even though I had never visited, or even been in real snow before. I guess the cold weather and fear of crime rate sort of forced me to become creative in the studio, focus on my ideas and let loose the vibrancy! Also, I attribute the start of the paper sculptures…”

For more of  Gabe Scott’s interview  and her work click here. 

oh yeah…this is how I feel about the fact that it’s Monday.

Shore Leave

Jonathan Queen via Miller Gallery

February 26, 2012

last snow flake

If you’re planning one last ski/winter trip this year. These are good layering staples for your travels.

blazer..Theory | loop scarf..Express | similar green dress..Ponte | black jeans..Nudie | indistry boots..Steve madden | earrings..Kate Spade | bubbles and chains necklace..Max & Chloe

February 25, 2012

Ralph Rucci & using your fine things

One of my guilty pleasures is to read design books and mags before lights out. I love it! I escape into the beautiful world of design before my dreams. It’s the best! It’s like a holiday every night. So last night, I was reading So Chic and I found what Fashion Designer Ralph Rucci said interesting and directly applicable to everyday life in the world of Design. Actually, I found many things interesting about his outlook, but you’ll have to get the book to find out. The one thing I like to translate across the board is the notion of using fine things. They were created to be enjoyed.

“There is a conception in the country about luxurious things, that we have to save them for a time that’s right. But an object is only luxurious if you allow it to be, if you use it. When you live with beautiful things, you stimulate your mind, you enjoy life a little bit more.”

-Ralph Rucci

So tonight when you’re preparing for an event, bring out the best. If you’re have a weekend in, find a reason to use your silver or china. Break out your 20-year-old scotch or  10-year-old burgundy and use the beautiful tumblers like they were made for you. Burn the candle that smells so yummy, but it’s too nice to use. Wear the earrings you’ve been dying to wear. Pull out your grandfathers  ornate trunk or watch and wear it. Enjoy it!

February 24, 2012

Clothing Romance in Everyday Life

Check out this line Two out of New York.

With two boys on the run, I am always in need of pieces that are comfortable and chic. The activities are endless around my house, so I need clothing for a flexible lifestyle, but still desire a creative elegant look. Two’s designs are beautifully crafted in Brooklyn and combine an Indian and European influence. I love the chic effortless style. I think her line gives a romance to everyday life.

For more pieces visit Two.

February 23, 2012

Pinterest Addiction

Because of one of the most addicting, amazing, pin boards right at my finger tips, I feel like I now have Attention Deficit Disorder.

Thank you Ben!!

I was minding my own business yesterday and decided to look for photos. I stumbled upon one awesome image after another. After seeing an enormous amount of amazing pictures. Every time I went back to the computer to look at directions I kept starting another project. I ended up making a banner for my almost 2 and 4 year olds, painting an old chest of drawers, going to town in search of burlap fabric and jute to make a bag, rearranging our bedroom furniture. (I’ll spare you the photo of that one, as it is total disarray). The catalyst for all this productivity is Pinterest and the best part about it is, you can be inspired to get up and change the environment around you.

It has everything! I mean everything! It’s not just for pretty dresses and crafters. It’s for Chefs, Farmers, Techies and Geologist. It’s for Auto Enthusiast and Digital Media Specialist. It’s for Travel Planners, Wedding Planners, Party Planners. If you need to plan it, Pinterest has the idea. Thank you Ben Silbermann for changing our lives one pin at a time!

I have loved Pinterest for months now, but in late January when I attended the Altitude Design Summit, I had the pleasure of being able to listen to the owner and creator of Pinterest, Ben Silbermann, speak. It was truly amazing to hear how his process lead him to the Pinterest world. Thank goodness for his failures and successes because without those, we wouldn’t have not this beautiful, creative avenue connecting the world with photos.

Thank you Ben!!

February 22, 2012

For your inspirational intel – 10 fash finds under $60

I was out today and walked under this installation. It made me feel good, so I thought I would share it with all of you. Sending a little positive energy to brighten your day.

Color finds under $60

ASOS pencil sequin skirt

EZRA skirt

ASOS anchor sweater

Kate Spade pink studs

Kendra Scott yellow earrings

Butter nail polish

Under $60 For Him

Red Callaway shirt

Blue Mens Tee

Ben Sherman Gingham button down

Taylor Vintage button down

If you senses are overwhelmed, I’m coming at you tomorrow with some soothing vibes.

February 21, 2012

Coloring your neutrals

I was looking for some style treats and I found this 2010 photo from one of my favorite photographers/fashion bloggers, Scott Schuman. I’m definitely in the market for this look this Spring. I love color, but sometimes a little color statement is good with a more neutral palette.

Here’s where you can get it.

T by Alexander Wang yellow skirt, Urban Outfitters yellow skirtMichael Kors clogs, Oasis sparkle sweater,  J.Crew sparkle top Ooak white belt, gold bracelet

Men. Airedale’s got it down. images via The Airedale

Another way to throw in some color is with stylish nails. Here are some fun colors for spring.

Try a bright shoe with a neutral tapered pant.


February 20, 2012

Fine Art Fix

I’m in need of an Art fix and I’m sharing it with all of you. I just haven’t had enough Fine Art pieces in my life lately, so I went on a hunt for some pieces that move me. Here are some works that I’m enjoying at the moment.

When I was searching for pieces, I was specifically searching for figurative works. For some reason in figurative pieces, the emotion translated from artist to canvas touches me in way far different from other genres. If the eyes are exposed, they strike me as  windows into the artist emotional state and the movement of the figures body is a direct reflection or a piece of their personality at that moment in time. This is why so many artist wear their emotions on their sleeve, because they have literally dipped a brush and stroked their soul out for the world to see.


Charlie Calder-Potts

Valeriy Gridnev

Dale Lamson

Anne-Marie Kornachuk

Terry Strickland

Galley to watch: Miller Gallery, Ohio.

February 19, 2012

Site seeing street style

A few pics of my street style in Philly.

When I travel I have some must haves. The list includes; My Fendi Spy Bag, Michael Kors watch, leather coat  and cardigan(layers, layers, layers), skinny jeans,  frye boots and my iphone (all pics taken with iphone) All of these items can be mixed and matched for different looks. For me, these are essential to traveling/walking the city and make my site seeing that much more enjoyable.

Rachel Pally Dress

Pink Leather Jacket

Michael Kors Cardigan

Tory Burch Pink blouse

Current/Elliot faded skinny jeans

Michael Kors Watch

Fendi Spy Bag

Frye Boots

February 18, 2012

Spring Looks

Happy Saturday! A few sneak peaks for Spring.

Open back lace dress

Pants with Kick Flare

Red crochet shorts

Juniper Gloss Ring

February 18, 2012

Faux or not to Faux – That’s your question!

Sometimes your furniture just gets tired and so do you of ‘it’! An easy trick to make it new again is to throw a sheepskin on it. Nothing makes a home cozy like a little fur. Whether you like the real thing or are with PETA here some solutions for you.

This photo from Chao Camp: Our house does an excellent job cozying up a dining space. I think this idea is brilliant as the sheepskin floor rug is getting overworked these days.

Apartment therapy did a piece on Domino’s, Before & After of Julianne Moore as a designer. The photo above displays a chair, which alone, would be a little raw with the other materials in the space. The sheepskin softens the look and makes the room more inviting.

Wicker is going to outlive us all. We all have a tired piece of wicker laying around. Here is a loveseat with new life.

Sheepskin throw – Floor throw that can be used over a loveseat or chair. Pair with a Moroccan style rug to complete your this chic look. Vintage shops are always good for some fun,funky rugs.

Here is another rug option I love. Lodi Hand Tufted Wool Rug

February 17, 2012

Frame it

One of my very amazing readers asked about framing, as it pertains to furniture and decorating. One of my rules to framing is, frame to the artwork and not to the room. Buy and frame pieces that you love, and place them wherever you want. It doesn’t have to match, it just has to fit between the molding. If you like your rooms to match for a little more cohesive flow, then match your furniture to your artwork, not the other way around. Don’t buy a piece of artwork or a frame because it matches your upholstery. The work will be ‘out’ the second the fabric is. Think of them as individuals mingling. Treat them like your wardrobe. Mix and match separates for a more vibrant look. Framing is as personal as the pieces which are in them. What I love, not everyone else will, so stick to your guns. You are the one living with it. I like to rotate art around the house and dedicate one space to a gallery look. Some works are meant to stand alone and don’t need a frame. Be mindful of works with a finished canvas, chances are it looks better without a frame.

Here are a couple groupings.


I like to mix mediums. Photography, painting, prints and collages can work together.

gallery look

February 17, 2012

What will today bring?

I have so many ideas going through my head that I’m wondering what you all want to see today. Art? Fashion? Furniture? Something totally different?

February 16, 2012

Rooftop Oasis

I took a trip couple of days ago to my old stomping ground, Philadelphia. It got me thinking about all of the things I love about the city, namely the parks and rooftop gardens. There is something so romantic about gardens and disappearing in them. Whether you are walking though a busy square or sitting high above all the commotion in a roof retreat, the idea of the beautiful greenery and lush trees in an urban jungle is refreshing. It gives a fresh perspective and helps clear ones thoughts. Here are a couple outdoor spaces I think are functional and fun. Use your imagination with outdoor space. Add color and use every inch of your space.

One garden design idea that I learned from living in Philadelphia is to choose annuals wisely. Every summer I now plant two different types of sweet potato vines, the purple or ‘blackie’ and the lime green or emerald lace. These vines grow rapidly and give a thick lush feeling quickly.  I like to combine the different shaped leaves to give texture and interest. I also put in a pop of red or purple with either a geraniums or petunias. For more gardening tips and ideas visit Petals in Prose.


Furniture ideas for your garden oasis. Good for city or suburban modern patio.


February 14, 2012

V-day Getaway

Happy Valentines Day!

If you’re popping out of town this weekend for a V-Day getaway, here are a few treats you still have time to pick up before your trip. Or…a couple things she may enjoy if you’re searching for a little something for her.  I love having a little something new and special to remind me of occasions. If an outfit isn’t in your future, maybe little jewel, perfume or lip gloss is. I always keep a tube of the lipstick I wore on my wedding day and every time I put it on, the taste reminds me the way I felt at that moment. Taste and smell is an easy keepsake. 

 Rachel Zoe Vanessa Maxi SkirtA.L.C. Francesca Crew SweaterMichael Kors Gossford Lace-Up Shoe Muslin Python“Leighelena “”Jigsaw”” Turquoise-Color Wide Bracelet”ASOS PERFECT Platform Court ShoeButa Flare Pant in Black – designed by Feel The Piece, Kendra Scott Taj Necklace (Pink Agate)Black Buckle BackpackMARIO MATTEO Capes,  ASOS PETITE Exclusive Leather DressLamixx Open Back Sweater in Heather Charcoal, Champagne -Atelier 36, Godiva

For more of my finds, visit my CurrentlyObsessed page. To follow my outfit options and see the latest fashion finds, click the stalk me icon.
February 13, 2012

Grammy Inspired – Teresita Fernandez

Photograph courtesy of  Ogijima by David Billa

So the Grammys got me thinking about all the conceptual installation art out there and how much I love it! Nothing gets me more pumped than a piece of sculpture I can immerse myself in. There is something about walking through, under or around a piece of Art. Really being involved in it can evoke a tangible emotion. Many of these pieces are hard to translate to your home,  but when I’m with them in person, I feel a sense of empowerment, which I take home with me. Teresita Fernandez is an artist who was asked a couple of months ago to be on the U.S. Commission for Fine Arts and hopefully will have a direct impact on sculpture in the States.

“Many of my works refer to specific features in the landscape or nature.  I am continuously challenged not by the idea of representing or re-creating say, fire or smoke or water, but rather how with sculptural three dimensional elements I can recreate the behavior or fleeting, subtle presence of these references”


via Interview with John Lekay, Heyoka Magazine 

Other inspiring installation works.


February 12, 2012

Our Old Girl

I’ve been inspired by this beautiful log home I saw in Garden & Gun. After seeing it, I wondered what our Old Girl Has in store for us. The Malone’s of Georgia have a beautiful cabin that they have made their own. Our House has a lot of potential, but being almost 200 years old, needs a little TLC. We have this really amazing space in our basement. It’s an old tavern that used to be a speak-easy for our town during prohibition. The history in the room is spectacular and the charm unimaginable. It has everything from the original beams and stones to the iron kettle rod in the fireplace. I can’t wait to see how our’s will transform.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Malone home photos via Garden & Gun magazine

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