Grammy Inspired – Teresita Fernandez

Photograph courtesy of  Ogijima by David Billa

So the Grammys got me thinking about all the conceptual installation art out there and how much I love it! Nothing gets me more pumped than a piece of sculpture I can immerse myself in. There is something about walking through, under or around a piece of Art. Really being involved in it can evoke a tangible emotion. Many of these pieces are hard to translate to your home,  but when I’m with them in person, I feel a sense of empowerment, which I take home with me. Teresita Fernandez is an artist who was asked a couple of months ago to be on the U.S. Commission for Fine Arts and hopefully will have a direct impact on sculpture in the States.

“Many of my works refer to specific features in the landscape or nature.  I am continuously challenged not by the idea of representing or re-creating say, fire or smoke or water, but rather how with sculptural three dimensional elements I can recreate the behavior or fleeting, subtle presence of these references”


via Interview with John Lekay, Heyoka Magazine 

Other inspiring installation works.



4 Comments to “Grammy Inspired – Teresita Fernandez”

  1. I appreciate that you’re linking back to the original post, but it would be nice to mention your sources when you borrow pictures from other people. Thanks. 🙂

    • Dear David,
      Thank you for the comment. I link the images back to the source I found them and there is not text giving credit for the image unless I know it is straight from the original source of the photo. If these are your original photos, I’m happy to put a tagline at the bottom. I don’t want to improperly give credit for a photo, which is why my source link is given. I understand your concern. I’m sorry you feel slighted. I have seen this image many places, but sourced it to you because that’s where I found it. I’m also happy to remove it if you wish. Thanks, Mary Beth

      • Hello Mary Beth,
        And thanks for your explanation, I appreciate.
        Yes, this is my photo and I do not wish you to remove it. My blog and my photos are under Creative Commons license, which means that I allow anyone to reproduce some of my blog’s content as long as it’s non-commercial use and the source is mentioned (me and the blog) with the proper link (if you’re not familiar with Creative Commons, there is a link to the license at the bottom of my sidebar). You’ve already done most of it, which is more than most people if you’ve seen my photo elsewhere on the web.
        Thanks again.

      • Dear David,
        No problem. Consider it done. Thank you for your correspondence and the link to Creative Commons. Best,
        Mary Beth

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