Frame it

One of my very amazing readers asked about framing, as it pertains to furniture and decorating. One of my rules to framing is, frame to the artwork and not to the room. Buy and frame pieces that you love, and place them wherever you want. It doesn’t have to match, it just has to fit between the molding. If you like your rooms to match for a little more cohesive flow, then match your furniture to your artwork, not the other way around. Don’t buy a piece of artwork or a frame because it matches your upholstery. The work will be ‘out’ the second the fabric is. Think of them as individuals mingling. Treat them like your wardrobe. Mix and match separates for a more vibrant look. Framing is as personal as the pieces which are in them. What I love, not everyone else will, so stick to your guns. You are the one living with it. I like to rotate art around the house and dedicate one space to a gallery look. Some works are meant to stand alone and don’t need a frame. Be mindful of works with a finished canvas, chances are it looks better without a frame.

Here are a couple groupings.


I like to mix mediums. Photography, painting, prints and collages can work together.

gallery look

3 Comments to “Frame it”

  1. Beautiful…I’ve always loved your fireplace.

  2. Love that first grouping, especially the Range Rider! I’m curious what your thoughts are on mixing black and white photos and color photos in a gallery wall?


  3. Thanks Amber! I think you can definitely mix color with black and white photos. The key to keeping the look clean is to keep the style of either the photos or the frames similar. They do not have to match or be exactly alike, but if you have two photographs which are wildly different, then the frames should compliment one another. In other words, I wouldn’t put a color photograph in an ornate french frame and pair it with a black and white photo in a modern sleek frame. I would put them in frames that were either like in shape or color. If all of the works are similar, just different in color, then you can use the same frame. It’s very important to stay true to the work of art. If it’s not framed according the piece, it ruins the work, which is why I don’t match frames. Also, if you give enough space between them (4-5″), your eye will have time to transition from one work to the other uninterrupted. Hope this helps!

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