Fine Art Fix

I’m in need of an Art fix and I’m sharing it with all of you. I just haven’t had enough Fine Art pieces in my life lately, so I went on a hunt for some pieces that move me. Here are some works that I’m enjoying at the moment.

When I was searching for pieces, I was specifically searching for figurative works. For some reason in figurative pieces, the emotion translated from artist to canvas touches me in way far different from other genres. If the eyes are exposed, they strike me as  windows into the artist emotional state and the movement of the figures body is a direct reflection or a piece of their personality at that moment in time. This is why so many artist wear their emotions on their sleeve, because they have literally dipped a brush and stroked their soul out for the world to see.


Charlie Calder-Potts

Valeriy Gridnev

Dale Lamson

Anne-Marie Kornachuk

Terry Strickland

Galley to watch: Miller Gallery, Ohio.

One Comment to “Fine Art Fix”

  1. Love! The pieces you chose and the way you chose to write about them. Great post.

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