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March 31, 2012

Jonathan Adler – within reach?

If you had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Adler, would you take it? I sure as heck would!! I have two days left and I’m about 1000 votes away from having the chance of a lifetime. The contest to win the interview with Jonathan Alder has almost come to an end, but it’s still within reach.  If you click here, you can go to the Cottonelle Facebook page and vote for me, Mary Beth. Click the thumbs up and share. Thank you for all your support!! If I win, I wouldn’t disappoint!

image via

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March 30, 2012

Men’s Fash Find

Just a cheap shirt, Cushe surf slip on

March 30, 2012

Accessible Design

The design industry as a whole is completely amazing and terribly difficult to break into without an interior designer on call, which is why I love when talented designers such as Madeline Weinrib, decide to make their furniture and accessories accessible to the public. Madeline hasn’t used decorators in the past according to Elle Decor and is now making her showroom accessible to EVERYONE!  If you are into design you want access to it!

images via Elle Decor

Photographer: Jason Frank Rothenberg

Another designer doing us all a favor and creating a shop for buyers like you and me is Robert Stilin. He combines many of my favorites such as Contemporary Art with Vintage Antiques. The perfect home is a mix of both. Just like you wouldn’t want hang out with a person with only one opinion, your house needs more than one era to make it timeless. images via

March 29, 2012

On the road again…

These last couple of weeks have been filled with event after event and I have had the opportunity to try out some pretty cool accessories. Sometimes a new outfit isn’t in the mix, but great accessories are a home run.  Here are few that went everywhere with me along they way.

I know you are thinking, what does this have to do with me?? These are three great gifts for any girl in your life.

Kendra Scott Red Earrings, Bauble Bar Bracelet, Vintage Gold necklace

March 24, 2012

8 things…

 There are so many trends in Men’s clothing, why do they go by the wayside? Because of my love for city life, I wish mens fashion would hit the world beyond big cities. Here are 8 things that I think are pretty awesome and can’t get him to wear. The thing is, he’d look dog gone good if he did. These are trends that I think could bridge the gap from city trend to outward bound. Here’s hopin’!

March 22, 2012

Chalk Paint – Annie Sloan

French Bedside table - a chevet

If you’re in the market to refurbish some of your own furniture, the best place to start is with the woman who knows it all (wish I could say it’s me) but it’s much better, Oxford’s Annie Sloan. Annie, owner of the Annie Sloan Shop, home of the best paint in the world , has developed the most amazing chalk paint to give any warn piece of furniture an updated appeal without it being overworked. It’s a paint that lends itself to creativity. Once you start, you can’t stop.

images via

March 21, 2012

Focus on what works!

If you are anything like me, I can scroll through about a hundred different looks and be in complete indecision. It doesn’t have to be this way. It comes down to knowing your body. It’s not just about following the trends, it’s about following the trends that work for you. What piece of clothing compliments you best? What is the one piece that you are devastated if it’s not back from the cleaners? There is a reason you love that piece and it’s because you look awesome in it! Use this piece as inspiration for your wardrobe. Purchase cuts and hems that you know are flattering.

What part of you do you like to highlight?

Collar Bones

If you like your collar bones, then look for a deep V, put a little bronzer on them for definition and you’ve found your power.


If you love your legs, wear longer cardigans and shorter skirts.


If you love your arms, find some pants you are comfortable in and  a top in ‘the’ hot color for 2012 and rock your biceps like everybody is looking.


If you have a tiny waist and aren’t so sure about the rest, then grab the spring belt that will cinch you like you’re in a corset from the 1800′s.


If it’s your beautiful feet (goodness knows we’re not all blessed with those), then pack up your boots and hit the shops for a cute little open toe, so you can put your best foot forward.


If you love your hair, take an extra 10 minutes and find a new spring style and own it! If it’s your hands, get tops with shorter sleeves and accessories to flatter your skin tones and shape of your wrist.


The thing is, there is one particular part of your body that is spectacular.  One piece of you where your confidence lies and there is one piece of clothing to show it off. This is where your focus should lie. Not in covering up the pieces you can’t stand. This Spring, use what works for you and follow the looks and colors to complete your style.

Hot colors to look for this spring according to Pantone Fashion:

This post was originally published at on March 14, 2012

March 21, 2012

Your votes are still counting!

Like a lot of you designers out there, I’m dying to do an interview with Jonathan Adler, but can’t get to New York City with out your votes. Click image below to take you to the Cottonelle Voting facebook page.

Your votes are still counting and you can share the link after you vote. The contest goes until April 2.  You can vote once a day everyday.

image via HGTV blog

Blog Lovin- click here to vote

To vote click on the photo above and find my name, Mary Beth Rust. Then, click the ‘thumbs up ‘ button to the right of my name. Thank you for your support!!



March 19, 2012

The Art Zone

Children’s Interactive Art created online.


The National Gallery of Art has joined technology with creative learning while trying to promote children’s artistic development. Everyday around the US, funding is cut for the Arts and we are loosing talent that is right before our very eyes. Can you imagine a world without the beauty of the creative eye?

Just like Math, Language and the Sciences, creative learning begins early. Earlier in fact than most educational programs. Children are able to finger paint before they can speak, read, or conduct simple experiments. The difficulty is, like every other talent or skill, if the brain is not exercised, the creativity can be lost. Why not in grain in our children at an early age the importance of The Arts and living a creative life. Challenge them by giving them an artistic outlook on the world and teaching the importance of computer skills. By the time our children turn 5 they are exposed to computer skills in the school system. If you have not already exposed them, then they are already behind. This is a brilliant way to stimulate them in a progressive way.

The ability for small children to use their cognitive skills with the Art Zone Technology makes me hopeful that The Arts are not going to be lost in generations to come.

To find out more about the Arts and the software for Children visit,

characters made with Sea-Saws

images via NGAkids, shown as representation of the Art Zone Program.

March 18, 2012

Neon. Who says staples have to be neutral?

If you remember a little while back, I posted this amazing neon maxi dress. Now that the weather is warming and brilliant silks are popping up on the fashion radar, layering your silks is an easy day to night look. Here is one transitional way to blend your layers if temperature is a variable.

Turn your Neon into a staple. I’ll be looking for more real ways flaunt this Neon Maxi Dress this Spring. Stay tuned

BCBG neon maxi dress // Button down layering blouse // Metallic wedges // Turquoise earrings // Michael Kors Watch

March 17, 2012

Saturday Fash Finds

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Because it’s Saturday and you should be outside, I’ll make it quick. Here are some fash finds if you’re out and about. If you’re new to AFF, Fash Finds are pieces to be on the look out for. You can always click on them below and it will take you to the direct link, but if you’re out in the world, these are styles to be aware of, pieces that are good additions to your wardrobe or they’re just plain cool. Here are some that came across my path this week.

Enjoy your weekend.


Asos Mens sweat shirt // Mens linen shorts // Blowfish Cork Sandals // Asos Blazer // Quartz cuff //  Free People Lace top //  hot pink skinny jeans




A good tip for creating your style on a budget, is to watch runway shows for inspiration and then take the images you love to the consignment and second hand shops. You can create a perfectly amazing treasure on a very slim budget.


March 16, 2012

For the tired home

If you’re not looking for an entire room makeover, here are a few home decor ideas to do a little updating. They are transient pieces that can move around your home as your taste and needs change.


blue paint // yellow standing lamp // Clay Dip Pillow // Gorilla Sculpture // orange throw // acrylic table // Turquoise Lamp

March 15, 2012

tricked out puppies

Here are a few of my Magis Puppy faves that have been tricked out for the Action for Singapore Dogs.

Artist:  Honmay Kwan, Randy Chan, Richard Tat, Sebastian Chun

I love these artificial pups. The Magis Puppy is aesthetically pleasing and functional chair for children.



Other pieces of funky function


chair // coat rack // container // clock

March 14, 2012

Cottonelle votes still counting!

The voting for the Cottonelle interview contest is still on! If you have a second to click a thumbs up for me on the Cottonelle video voting page, I’d really appreciate it! You can vote everyday, once a day until April 2. I was so honored to be interviewed by Maxwell from Apartment Therapy, that I would really love the chance to interview Jonathan Adler, if I win.

Thank you for your support! Click image below to take you to the Cottonelle Voting facebook page.

Canister images via Cottonelle

Canister idea from Interior Designer Vivianne St. Claire

To vote click on the photo above and find my name, Mary Beth Rust. Then, click the ‘thumbs up ‘ button to the right of my name. Thank you for your support!!

March 14, 2012

Plan your weekend or your year

What better way to understand Style than to travel. Here is an e-mag with a global perspective on Art, Fashion and Furniture around the world.  Wayfare magazine really is the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many ideas worth leaving your footprint for. It has everything from clothing in Amsterdam, to books on Paris, to a family reunion in San Fran, to hotels in Sweden. You can find  a retreat in Marrakesh,  coffee in Africa, and counter stools for sale in Michigan. Go on…see what’s out there. 

images via Wayfare Magazine.

It’s a great read, I can’t stop clicking!

March 13, 2012

Champagne dreams on a budget

Given the state of…well…everything, a night out on the town isn’t always an option. Here’s a fun read to enrich your life. 

March 13, 2012

Spring Pantones in DC

I had a talk with my old friend Washington, DC and explained that the city is in need of color. I refuse to wear black when Spring is here, even if it is 40 degrees and I need my awesome neutral coat. I picked three of this Springs Pantone colors  and brightened up the city for a night. 

Buffalo Skinny jeans // Yellow BCBGMaxaxria tank // Sparkle and Fade Blue Blazer // Nude platforms // Prada clutch // similar puffy jacket

March 12, 2012

Color Me Striped

I’ve always loved Stripes, but what I love most about the fashion right now is the mix of color and stripes. Whilst a little navy and white striped tee is classic, I’m looking for more flare. Here are couple of my bright striped favorites. 

Free People striped ruffled dress // Markus Lupfer Stripe Panel Dress  // ASOS Stripe Mini Dress In Ponte // French Connection Striped Knit Dress // Chinti and Parker striped skirt //   happy Stripe Socks

March 12, 2012

The Juxtaposition of boundaries and freedom- Brooke Shaden

I always like to start my week by looking at an awesome piece of art work. It seems to set the tone for what’s to come. I woke up really feeling like this was a day of chaos, but I found artist Brooke Shaden  who seems to give me a strength to center myself. Her works give an etherial freedom, but at the same time, the bounds of emotion. I think pieces that are the most powerful have juxtaposing character which builds the dynamic of the work.

“Within the space of a square frame, I try to build a world that is undeniably separate from the one we live in.” -Shaden
Shaden’s pieces fulfill my need to delve into endless possibilities, but to be cautious in my endeavors. When you come across works of art this week, ask yourself, what it is that draws you to them. Why do you keep coming back to view them, or why not? How does the piece relate to your emotion or life at that particular moment? The artwork we love is ever evolving and if it is not, then reach within and push yourself to view works outside your comfort zone. It will help you evolve as a person.
March 9, 2012

Mini Frye

Just found my 4 year old in my Frye Boots and had to share.  Even he knows good style!

Hers        His      Mini Frye

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