Focus on what works!

If you are anything like me, I can scroll through about a hundred different looks and be in complete indecision. It doesn’t have to be this way. It comes down to knowing your body. It’s not just about following the trends, it’s about following the trends that work for you. What piece of clothing compliments you best? What is the one piece that you are devastated if it’s not back from the cleaners? There is a reason you love that piece and it’s because you look awesome in it! Use this piece as inspiration for your wardrobe. Purchase cuts and hems that you know are flattering.

What part of you do you like to highlight?

Collar Bones

If you like your collar bones, then look for a deep V, put a little bronzer on them for definition and you’ve found your power.


If you love your legs, wear longer cardigans and shorter skirts.


If you love your arms, find some pants you are comfortable in and  a top in ‘the’ hot color for 2012 and rock your biceps like everybody is looking.


If you have a tiny waist and aren’t so sure about the rest, then grab the spring belt that will cinch you like you’re in a corset from the 1800′s.


If it’s your beautiful feet (goodness knows we’re not all blessed with those), then pack up your boots and hit the shops for a cute little open toe, so you can put your best foot forward.


If you love your hair, take an extra 10 minutes and find a new spring style and own it! If it’s your hands, get tops with shorter sleeves and accessories to flatter your skin tones and shape of your wrist.


The thing is, there is one particular part of your body that is spectacular.  One piece of you where your confidence lies and there is one piece of clothing to show it off. This is where your focus should lie. Not in covering up the pieces you can’t stand. This Spring, use what works for you and follow the looks and colors to complete your style.

Hot colors to look for this spring according to Pantone Fashion:

This post was originally published at on March 14, 2012


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