Organic Gems – Pippa Small

With earth week in full swing and with everyone trying to make a better attempt to save our environment, here are some chic answers to eco friendly clothing and jewelry.

One of my all time favorite designers is Pippa Small, who prides herself on using organic gems, such as shells, beads and sea washed glass to create jewelry. I had the pleasure of working with her in my Art Career about 7 years back and sold her work at a Gallery in London. Being just out of school, working at a gallery and broke, I wasn’t able to purchase any of her jewelry, but I did try it on and used to tease my husband that I know will have made it big when I own a piece of Pippa Small jewelry. I’m still working on it.  She is one of the most down to earth people I’ve encountered in the industry and an amazing inspiration in her jewelry design and Anthro work.

Through her anthropological studies and love for the arts and jewelry making, she now combines her gem work and travels with helping indigenous communities. Namely, one community she focuses on are the Batwa Pygmies of Rwanda. During the Christmas holidays when I worked at the gallery, Pippa had brought back some sculptures which the Pygmies had made in hopes of generating some income for the community. The story alone sold the work immediately and Pippa’s initiative is the reason the pieces made it to the UK. She is an inspiration worldwide for her many courageous ventures.

For more on Pippa Small.

Other Earth Friendly Finds

Stella McCartney Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Stella McCartney Eco Friendly Frames, said to be made of over %50 renewable resources.

Business Class Get the Look

4 eco friendly items
Jonano Vienna Coachman Coat – Grey // Jonano ecoKashmere Baby Ribbed Tank – Black // Recycled Tire Thread Beaded Necklace (worn as bracelet) // Mother of Pearl Bangle – Green (worn as choker)

via Clean Spirited

Get The Look - Business Casual

3 eco friendly items:
Suburban Riot Men’s Madras Plaid – Blue //4-rth Hybrid V-Neck Tee-White // Targus EcoSmart Topload Laptop Messenger – Black

via Clean Spirited


2 Comments to “Organic Gems – Pippa Small”

  1. It’s always so cool to find brands that are chic and eco-friendly.

  2. Pippa Small’s work is beautiful!

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