Leaving Las Vegas: Day Dream

It all went so fast! Was it a dream? Now that I’ve been submerged into reality for a couple days and it’s back to the norm, I still have time to day dream about the wonderful extravagance of Vegas. One of the things I find so intriguing is all the lavish style. It’s too much for everyday life, but a couple times of year, it’s a nice treat and treating yourself on vacation, makes the trip. Well…convention/vacation, it’s all the same in Vegas.

One tip I can give you, which I learned through my travels abroad, is that I always research the style before hand and  then apply it to my wardrobe. I love standing out, but not in a ‘that girl sticks out like a sore thumb’ kind of way. So, I look at what’s ‘in’ for the region and add to my existing wardrobe. What’s ‘in’ in Las Vegas is handbags!!

SO, of course, I had to carry amazing handbags. The only way I could afford the trip to Vegas and the bags too, was to rent them. I paired up with Bag, Borrow or Steal and off I went, flying in style. I have tried the company before and loved it! It’s so easy and the bags are beautiful. I myself have a couple beautiful bags that stay in my permanent collection, but my pockets can’t take high-end luxury of that stature with every outfit.

This is the perfect solution. When I returned, I didn’t have to look my sweet, patient husband in the eye with buyer’s remorse. Instead I looked at the BBOS box with a return label and off they went until my next adventure. If you’re really in love with the bags, you can keep them for longer and they will roll over the weekly fee. The one thing that I like is, it’s a good way to try a bag before you buy. Quality bags are worth the investment, so taking one for a test drive is a good idea. Renting helps you decide if it’s the bag for you.

Here’s a peek into my wardrobe. The Chloe Paraty by day, Chanel quilted Lax handbag by night.

Love, love, loved these Lee Angel earrings!! They were weightless and went with everything.

Similar Black Michael Kors Jumper // Gold and Rose Gold Statement Necklace // similar Lee Angel Chandilier earrings // Chanel Bag BBoS // Chloe Bag BBoS // Anna Beck Flower Necklace BBos


7 Comments to “Leaving Las Vegas: Day Dream”

  1. I have those earrings! They’re some of my absolute favorites! You look fantastic. I can’t believe we were there at the same time!e

    • No kidding! So weird! My Sis made a surprise appearance, so we were tied up. Maybe we can meet randomly in another city. haha! Where did you get your earrings? The place I found them doesn’t have them anymore and I WANT MORE!!

      • I had to go back and do a double-take at those earrings because I bought mine (and yes, they are IDENTICAL) at Banana Republic in – wait for it – 2005.

        Yes, we should DEFINITELY rendezvous in another city sometime! Got any good trips planned? I’ll be at a stationery conference in Florida in July! 😉

  2. super cute – but especially love the gold clover necklace the most!

  3. The first thing noticed before I read your post were the bags!!!! I do not think I would be able to rent and send them back away, I would cry.

    I love the bags you selected, I hope to own a Chanel one day.

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