Painted Envy and Found Objects

An easy go to for style inspiration is Artwork.  My 2 year old painted this painting the other night and I love it, because most adults don’t use the freedom of vibrant colors and brush strokes.

One of my favorite types of artwork is, that which is created from found objects. Using something out of the realm of it’s original purpose, I find to be fascinating. Here are two artist who nailed it.  The photo below is an image from Crystal Gayle Photography  of plastic straws. It’s the essence of the beauty in found objects for creative inspiration.

Below, Xu Bing did a tobacco project in Richmond in 2011, createing a faux tiger skin rug purely out of cigarettes. The rug weighed in at 440 pounds total. A much better use for cigarettes I think. Image via tumblr. for more projects by Xu Bing visit xubingdotcom.

Anouk Kruithof’s wall of found books is just that. Each exhibtion is built in a different fashion and it is said that there are about 3500 books in total within the wall. They are, for the most part, made up of Eastern European books in the DDR, so were completely dismissed. via . For other book projects visit.


7 Comments to “Painted Envy and Found Objects”

  1. Great post, as usual! I love the vibrancy of colors. I buy frames from Ikea to hang my kids’ artwork and in some cases people are shocked when I tell them that one of my kids made it.

  2. Your son, is very talented.

    I see a blue reptile in the middle of the painting. That would look great on canvas.

  3. Oh yes, the orange one with the blue sun glasses.


  4. Thank you for featuring my straw photograph.

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