This & This: Yes really!

Really, it doesn’t matter. There are no rules. Really! If you love it and it will literally fit between the door frames on your wall, it can be hung there. I’ll grant you, some pieces of art clash, but in my house…

If I were so fortunate to be able to own these works, I absolutely would hang them together. These two Artists, Theo Altenberg (Abstractionist) and Jorge Alberto (Trompe l’oeil Master) , couldn’t be more different in their style, but for some reason they work. Both have a passion and declaration of style. Neither is confused as to which direction they should go because, they are in fact, THERE. Mixing art in your home gives it interest and a personal style. Anyone can hang like images, but to mix them successfully can be a very satisfying challenge.

Some fine Art works I truly love are creative portraiture and still life or landscape pieces. I would pair the two artists, Sydney Drum (Realist painter) and  Nikola Borissov (fashion photographer) for their complexity of style, but simplicity in subject. I like the juxtaposition of photography versus realist painting. In some works, I think why is the painting more beautiful when you can capture the exact moment with a click. Other times I think, the beauty of the piece lies in the hands of the artist brush stroke and a click would never portray the emotion of the brush. Really…the point is, it’s all personal. Our take, Our likes and dislikes, how we frame, how we hang. Just be true to your own style and you’ll remain happy in your space.


Jorge Alberto, Becoming a Doctor  via Principle Gallery

O.T. Oil on Cardboard 2009, No. 13

Theo Altenberg, O.T. Oil on Cardboard 2009, No. 13 via

Nikola Borissov photgraphy via

Sydney Drum, Oil on Linen via






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