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September 29, 2012

James Casebere: Eliminate the Noise

JAMES CASEBERE  photography

When life gets as busy as it has been the last couple days, I think about what ways to clear my mind and regroup. Eliminate the noise. It’s a start. Here are a few works that help me push out the stress and breathe. smile.

Artist, James Casebere, creates a faux world and then photographs the pieces, so they are in essence “real”, but in a much smaller proportion. He then blows up the images to around 6 to 8 feet, so that it feels as if you immersed in the space.

Example of a model before photographed

His latest book.

James Casebere

Essay by Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego 2005

September 26, 2012

Color Selection: Upcoming game day

clockwise: Joe Jeans maroon skirt : BB Dakota Jacket : Orange Blouse : Mod Cloth Striped sweater : Polka Dot Dress : Merona Target belt : paisley skirt : Maroon Express skirt : Miz Mooz Kelsey -Grey Boot :  Mens New BalanceMens plaid shirt : Essentjewels earrings and necklace 

So, everyone who knows me well, knows I’m not that into football, BUT I went to a huge football university and I love the camaraderie. I also love an excuse to search for new staples. This weekend my Alma Mater is playing in the Capitol City, so I’ve got the outfit on my mind. We get to meet up with some 50 friends from college coming from near and far to do what we all did in college (Less the cheesesteaks at 2:00am).

What I really love about Football Season.


September 25, 2012

Elizabeth Garouste Chair Sillouette

image via Elle Decor

I saw this image last week in Elle Decor and I can’t get it out of my mind, so I thought I’d share. I love the brilliant idea to use the silhouette of the Elizabeth Garouste chair as a border in front of the window. The layered drapery beneath the wall border, allows the light to dash through the silhouette in such an eloquent manner, it can’t help but compliment the space. Beautiful!

September 24, 2012

Washington, DC: Faux or not to Faux

What I wore on my night on the town in DC. The rocker in me loves leather, but only with something soft and feminine like silk. In the Capitol City, DC, you never know what activist is going to stake there claim with a bucket of paint, so I went safe with Faux. Whether you are into faux or the real thing, here are some great faux leather legging options.

BCBG faux leather option // BCBG split front faux leather legging// Leather Option // silk tank  //nude Kelsi Dagger Heels // gypsy earrings // fringe necklace (similar this and this) // clutch Judith Leiber BBOS

September 22, 2012

What you should be wearing Now!


White and Black lace shirt dress // Men’s Madras Shirt // river island leopard print clutch // Kiersten maxi gypsy dress // (steal) stone necklace  // More picks click below.

September 22, 2012

My Blue Jean Day Dream


Wind charm earrings Just Fab (similar) :  Prada Bag BBOS :  Heart Necklace By Boe (bracelet I also love By Boe) :  similar Denim button down shirt  :  Clogs (similar in blue): Cargo Pants (similar)

September 21, 2012

Elizabeth Peyton: Raw emotion & Rockers

I’ve watched and studied Elizabeth Peyton over the last 14 years and have become, I’d say, a little obsessed with her portraiture and the evolution of her subjects. I love the raw emotion or what on the surface appears to be a void there of. The combination of a strong, dominant, male presence with feminine undertones, red lips and a strict, but gentle jaw line. Peyton herself, appears that she could also be one of her monotype studies.

One of the reasons I stay intrigued with her work is the strength and passion of color and the use of vibrance with dark elements such as black shirts, purple (the color of royalty), dark hair, eyebrows or skin tones around the eyes. Kind of an ode to the legendary rockers and the lifestyle they lead. I love the simplicity of style and depth of complexity. Her 2011 show Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton, displayed at the New Museum, seemed to be an homage to rockers and socialites alike. Her works scream of her influencers Alex Katz, David Hockney and Andy Warhol. Similar to her mentors, her monotype, graphic style lends itself well to the edge of her works, but in contradiction, there is more of a Grace in her works. A moment in time where it is only she and her subject. It’s as if the person in the painting is looking at Elizabeth Peyton through your eyes. And…after all these years, I keep looking at them and hoping she’ll do more. Thank you Elizabeth Peyton!

Peyton c. 2000

images via

Art News

Two Palms

Walker Art

Index Magazine

September 20, 2012

Dots: What’s going on north of my ankles?

Gary Webb,  Belly Button Boy, 2009, medium: Cast aluminum, car spray paint, brass and flock

Here’s a little artful inspiration to my polka dot pants yesterday.

Polka Dots!! I love these sweet little jeans. They just put me in a good mood. No matter if someone thinks you look totally ridiculous or totally cool, the spots will make them smile. (similar jeans here) I found these lovely gems at Target.


Polka dot room inspiration. This is wall paper, which is a difficult commitment for me. You can achieve the same effect with slate grey paint, a round stencil or gold leaf circles.


Jeans and walls too bold for you? Try a runner. Basically no commitment.

Other Spot Options


Pinned Image


Hang globes in a row to make the illusion of large polka dots.

September 19, 2012

Wollam Gardens: Gingham & Dahlia days

What I love about fashion right now is, you can wear whatever you want. Of course there are trends and prints that cool, but really anything goes and they more they don’t go…they go. So, have fun with your closet today.

Gingham shirt (similar in dark purple)  also love this little red one.// mens gingham shirt// Baublebar bubble strand (similar style in gold) // sailor pants these and these// MK watch // Dior Sunnies…sunglasses on a budget this and this

red gingham // Banana Republic gingham // purple gingham // ben sherman gingham, this and this

September 17, 2012

Katsumi Moroi: MRMc Custom Luxury Design

Mid-century Design Remodel

I thought it best to start out your week with the amazing, furniture designer, artist and craftsman Katsumi Moroi of MRMc. This designer creates custom works based on the needs and design aesthetic of the space and surroundings. He has done everything from luxury car showcase pavillion design to an architectural remodel in Joshua Tree to a classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair. Moroi’s company MRMc is a multi-disciplinary design firm that focuses on crafting functional/beautiful spaces and objects using both traditional and advanced manufacturing processes. They strive to achieve beauty, efficiency and sustainability through material selection and fabrication techniques. While the breadth of his portfolio is pleasantly endless, here are some of his recent projects. 

Joshua Tree Exterior Renovation

This remodel was done in collaboration with Michael Rotondi and a crew of interns from Sam Mockbee’s rural studio. The overall remodel  of the house was meant to be seen as a found object in the desert.


Some of Moroi’s services range from architectural design and construction, furniture/product design and fabrication as well as prototyping.

French country tables designed and built for the Chef Ludo Lefebrve. The Material to include reclaimed lumber which creates a more antique like patina/look.

The materials used on this cabinet are considered green and sustainable. The cabinet body is made from a material called Dakota Burl, which is made from sunflower seed husks pressed into a board using eco resins. The door and drawer  faces are made from Kirei board, which is made from agricultural wheat stocks, sorgum plant. The stock which are typically burned after harvest are cut and pressed together to form sheets that have the aesthetic characteristics of a Gustaf Klimpt painting or the cellular structure of a plant leaf under microscope.

 Craftsman testing the structure of his design

classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair

Cabinet design for Mid-century remodel

Toyota/ Lexus Pavilions for the Classic car show and race at Laguna Seca Speedway in Monterrey, California.

For MRMc LLC Design Services contact
September 16, 2012

Farm Delight: And all the hues of royalty

From time to time I have a very wonderful friend who will let me partake in my beautiful floral obsession. This was a farm delight wedding, planned on one of the most tranquilly sunny, brisk days in mid-september where the breeze was exactly perfect. And the flowers were…well…there are no words. Purple has always been my best friend’s favorite color, but I never understood it. I was never a fan, until I had my first angel, whose birth stone is amethyst. Now, it’s one of my favorites. The purple, pomegranate hues were a force to be reckoned with by our departure and here are a few snaps of what I wore to arrange the madness.

sequined tank // hudson tear jeans// leather belt (similar: this and this)// Dior Sunnies // by boe necklace // yumi necklace // fringe necklace (similar this this and this)

Happy Sunday. Make the most of it!

September 15, 2012

Inspiring Minds: Who’s sharing trade insight

Who’s who at FABB

While in New York, I had the distinct pleasure of hearing these wonderful inspiring minds speak their tricks and thoughts on the trade. There were phrases thrown around such as:

I’m successful because I never feel like I’m at the top.

Eliminate the noise in your life.

It’s all about the Millennials.

Today’s peacock is tomorrows feather duster

Capture the memory of vintage

Swanky Intricity

Flea Market Hags – this is a compliment.

One social media brand uses around 50 columns of analytics – do you know which one?

Take the path of least assumptions

express your closet = curatorial fashion


Here’s who said it.

Simon Doonan

Simon Doonan of Barneys New York

Yoox CEO Federico Marchetti

 Federico Marchetti, Yoox CEO

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe – Stylist

Lauren Bush Lauren - Beyond the Bag

Lauren Bush, Founder of the Feed Project

Anna Sui "Gossip Girl" Collection Debut At Target Pop-Up Store - Outside

Anna Sui – Designer, Icon

Terry Lundgren

Terry Lundgren CEO of Macy’s

CFDA's Steven Kolb - so down to earth he gave us his email.

Steven Kolb  of CFDA

 Super Simon Doonan of Barneys interviewing style icon, designer Anna Sui

For more style inspiration visit my pinterest page.

September 13, 2012

Why do we love it? Because it’s timeless


Remember the ABC Home dinner? Here’s a street shot and amazingly enough, with a group full of bloggers, no one had their big lens. What are the odds? These girls were wonderful and had a keene eye for style. I Broke out my denim sailor pants for the occasion. From left to right Side Smile Style, ME, Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet, Style of Sam,  B Soup

Denim  polka dots // sweater denim // classic light denim shirt // mens dark denim jeans // classic washed denim shirt // mens denim and leather shirt // luichiny spiked suede heels

More denim pieces for your wardrobe. 

September 11, 2012

Confetti Studio Part Deux

Alessandra (left) in French Connection Dress (similar) // Annanbel (right) Anthropologie dress (similar DVF pair with this belt)

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Confetti Studio this past weekend. Two of my very favorite bloggers, Annabel Wrigley of Little Pin Cushion Studio and Alessandra Gutierrez of Tribal Times and Lala’s Pequenos, have teamed together to take over the fabric, glitter, twine, crafting world. This is the place where fashion and art combine to create imaginative functional objects. Together they are unstoppable and their studio is… well…an amazing combination of  light white, filled with layers upon layers of vibrant color, to say the least.  Even the air cascading through the windows is filled with transparent glitter. Everywhere you look there is something appealing to touch, make or buy. Well done ladies!!! For more on Alessandra and Annabel, the studio, classes and products for purchase, visit Confetti

Lala’s Pequenos currently specializes in noonies, the infant eco-friendly swaddler. The noonie is a sweet way to wrap your babe up like a bean, whilst holding them in your loving arms. Lala’s Pequenos also has a new line of children’s clothes coming out this fall/winter, on shelves by holidays. For more visit Lala’s Pequenos

In addition to these beautiful handmade characters and accessories, Annabel has her first book coming out with all the magic behind the stitching.  Along with her amazing blog, she also teaches sewing to children and workshops for adults. One of my favorite workshops is how to make a pouf. Vimeo tutorial, Annabel, for readers not in town? For classes, tutorials and workshops visit littlepincushionstudio. Stay tuned for the brains behind the the owls eyes.

photos by the very lovely © 2012 Jordan Koepke

September 10, 2012

Confetti Studio: Twine and Leopard

Zara artist Tee (similar) // Alice+Olivia leopard slip dress  (similar piperlime)// Sam Edelman suede booties // bracelet Confetti Studio // gold initial necklace

photos by the very lovely © 2012 Jordan Koepke

September 9, 2012

NYFW: Today Thakoon and DVF through their eyes

Two of my all time faves are in the line up today. They are Thakoon and Diane Von Furstenburg, DVF.  If I were reborn, I would be draped in Thakoon with lush DFV outwear, shoes and accessories. I can’t get enough of the extra fabric, pockets, colors and style, not to mention this years pairing of fashion and technology. Here are some of the Thakoon Instagram photos 3 hours before show time.

 (taken a few minutes ago) what’s happening on stage 3 hours before the 2013 collection is presented.

this is what you do while waiting for models (Taken with Instagram)What Thakoon does to wait for models.

prespring 2013

Ridiculously excited for the DVF show @ 4:00pm. DVF has paired with #projectglass to share the Spring 2013 show through her eyes.  #DVFthroughglasses. Here is a little more about the glasses and Google’s project glass.

If Google’s Glass(es) are going to ever gain main stream acceptance, they will have to be seen as not only something acceptable to wear in public but something fashionable. To that end, Google is teaming up with renowned designer Diane von Furstenberg on a project documenting the creative process leading up to a fashion show.  On September 13th, the two companies will release a video of the project on the DVF Google+ page and Google’s YouTube channel.

The +DVF Page teases an announcement at PM today.

In a statement, Diane von Furstenberg said, “I am so excited to introduce Glass to the fashion world and use this revolutionary technology to give everyone a unique perspective into fashion.”  Sergey Brin, Google co-founder and head of Project X which oversees projects like Google Glass and driverless cars, said, “Beauty, style and comfort are as important to Glass as the latest technology. We are delighted to bring Glass to the runway together with DVF.”

WWD spotted Brin and Wife Anne Wojcicki with DVF yesterday.


September 9, 2012

ABC Home: Tapas and Chandeliers

I spent one of my lovely nights in NYC at an ABC home restaurant and although New York is amazing and the girls I was with, were amazing, the chandeliers were to die for…a design dream. I mean, each one was decadent and gleaming with luster and pazazz. I learned from many designers before me, you can’t go wrong with ABC Home. If you want the essence of illumination, these Chandeliers are it. Fore more sparkling inspiration, go to, ABChome. If you’re saving for magical lighting one day and want to enjoy the Glam now, visit Pipas.

September 7, 2012

Just Breathe: New York Lucky Magazine shoot

Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg // Necklace: Cusp (similar this and this)// Booties: Sam Edelman

A couple snaps from LuckyFABB. The thing about NYC and life really, is that you if you blink too long, it passes you by. Blink shorter, breathe deeper and live longer.

Myself (left) with Fossil reps Casey and Nealy

September 4, 2012

NYC Fashion Week: Here I come

I’m headed up to New York for NYC Fashion Week for the first time and I’m so excited there are hardly words. Jumping up and down and screaming is definitely something I’m thinking about right now, but I’ll spare you those horrible photos. Hopefully to return with some much needed inspiration from across the world. I love, love, love New York and all it has to offer.


Wish me luck!

White Citizen jeans// Italian VialisBooties (similar) // Pink blouse (Similar)// Fendi Spy Bag // Sun glasses Roberto Cavalli (similar)

September 2, 2012

Daily life: Some things to think about

Some pieces to think about when you go on your adventure of daily life.

Installation at Flensborg College

artist/ THÓR VIGFÚSSON – installation at Flensborg College

TopShop shift dress// Glass bottle wooden stop // H&M jumper


artists / ÍVAR VALGARDSSON – watercolour

Silk kimchi blue dress // Zara Men’s V-neck sweater //fantasy jewelry box


AllSaints Sequined envelope clutch // Serena & Lily table cloth//  Mango cream sweater//Blush Mock Collar

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