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December 12, 2012

Found Object Art and Design: Torlarp Larpjaroensook

Torlarp larpjaroensook

This is a spotlight on one Torlarp larpjaroensook, nicknamed Hern, an amazing Artist whose house is in fact, a canvas/workshop/ livable space/creative zone. The Artist and owner of Gallery See Scape has talent radiating out of the ends of his long dreadlocks. He turns found objects into treasure and uses elements in his environment to create 2D paintings of Oil and Acrylic. When he speaks of his art and his home, he comments,


My art is crazy because my mind is crazy- I put everything in my head into my art and feel peaceful for a moment, until the noise starts again. It helps me get creative.  ~Hern


Torlarp larpjaroensook ITorlarp larpjaroensook II


I look at everyday objects and think about how I use them differently, giving them a new or special function. I get inspiration from all around me.  ~Hern


Torlarp larpjaroensook III


Art is a part of our everyday life – I want to show art in everyday life. I believe everything around us is art.  ~Hern


images and quotes via Habitus.

November 15, 2012

Designing the Capitol: Ode to Iris

Because we live near to the Nation’s Capitol, all I’ve heard nonstop are whispers or shouts about the recent election. While the world is in a frenzy, lets talk important things...DESIGN. I mean, the White House wouldn’t be the same with one of the most influential designers in the United States, maybe even the world. I’m talking Iris Apfel. This amazing woman helped to outfit and consult in restoration projects for the White House during 9 U.S. Presidential terms and she did it all with the glamour she exhibits today.

If you don’t know Iris Apfel, you will now never forget her. There are few style Icon’s that can pull of the never-ending theatrical display of accessories and prints, but Iris Apfel has done it seamlessly for years. Here are few of her finest get ups.


images via: The Guardian , She Finds , The Wild , Love is Speed , story


November 11, 2012

Jewelry Giveaway: Michele Saulson Designs


If you’re reading this post, you should be really excited! Last weekend I caught up with Michele Saulson, the amazing jewelry designer, and she has been extremely generous to offer one of you lucky readers a BRASS RING NECKLACE. Yes…Jewelry giveaway!! Michele handcrafts all of her pieces, so this design is custom-made for one of you. If you’re a lovely gent, jewels are for you too and if you’re not in that,  I’m sure your best friend, Mother, or sister is. It’s a great gift for the upcoming holidays and moreover a great design to show of your holiday style. Details to enter below.
Now! The specifics:

  1. FOLLOW Art. Fashion. Furniture. and “LIKE” AFF on Facebook.  (Not an FB user…no worries. State in your comment not FB user)
  2. “LIKE” Michele Saulson Designs on Facebook.
  3. Visit Michele Saulson Designs and tell us your favorite design.

That’s it!! Easy as 1,2, 3. Giveaway entry ends November 22, 2012,11:59PM Eastern Time


Valid U.S./Can residents only

18 years of age

(If you may be interested in collaborating with A.F.F. on a giveaway, please contact me at

October 21, 2012

Obsession: tangible text

Because we all seem to be obsessed with text in a mobile world, here is some almost tangible text ideas.

quotel foto13 Minimalist Apartment Decorated With Wall Messages in Poland

If you’re ever in need interior inspiration, Freshome is one of my go-to’s. Even their older images relay timeless style.

For those who love to read and are creatives, making text visual fulfills an amazing satisfaction.

Pinned Image

Artist Kelli Anderson did a project for Armory Week in NYC and this was the gift. Why don’t we do these types of games anymore?

Black and White Tea Towel : Animal Group Nouns Design / organic / eco friendly hostess gift

Black and White Tea Towel : Animal Group Nouns Design / organic / eco friendly hostess gift

Tangible Text Tea Towels

Gray Scarf Text Gone Awry No. 2

Artlab Handmade cotton guaze text scarf. Hand Dyed. Hand Printed.

the Dirty Pink Nomad Scarf

October 10, 2012

KMBrown: Beyond Creativity (Graphics from The Berrics)

What I really love about the creative world is that there is so much beyond formal Art. While it plays into all facets of creativity, so does contemporary design and pop culture. Here is an artist who has nailed it. Kevin Brown’s work ranges from graphics to multimedia/layout/web design to fine art.  His grasp on design and the reality of the modern world is beyond most.

He’s doing it ALL! Why? Because he can and he’s good at it!

Berrics Limited Edition t-shirt – Who doesn’t love Rob Dyrdek?

 Glassy Sunglass company layout/web design. (It’s all about Branding)

House Banners for The Berrics

Banner for the short film Wake Up.

Girls Best Friend – From the collection of A & K Brown.

Theme Deck for Fairfax Surfshop

Get this…he also does t-shirt design for Sometimes Y and I can vouch, these are the softest t-shirts you will ever wear. Check them out.


His portfolio also includes the The Berrics Spring 2012 apparel line. 

Can’t get enough of The Berrics and of course, Rob & Big.

All images via KMBROWN. For more visit

September 17, 2012

Katsumi Moroi: MRMc Custom Luxury Design

Mid-century Design Remodel

I thought it best to start out your week with the amazing, furniture designer, artist and craftsman Katsumi Moroi of MRMc. This designer creates custom works based on the needs and design aesthetic of the space and surroundings. He has done everything from luxury car showcase pavillion design to an architectural remodel in Joshua Tree to a classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair. Moroi’s company MRMc is a multi-disciplinary design firm that focuses on crafting functional/beautiful spaces and objects using both traditional and advanced manufacturing processes. They strive to achieve beauty, efficiency and sustainability through material selection and fabrication techniques. While the breadth of his portfolio is pleasantly endless, here are some of his recent projects. 

Joshua Tree Exterior Renovation

This remodel was done in collaboration with Michael Rotondi and a crew of interns from Sam Mockbee’s rural studio. The overall remodel  of the house was meant to be seen as a found object in the desert.


Some of Moroi’s services range from architectural design and construction, furniture/product design and fabrication as well as prototyping.

French country tables designed and built for the Chef Ludo Lefebrve. The Material to include reclaimed lumber which creates a more antique like patina/look.

The materials used on this cabinet are considered green and sustainable. The cabinet body is made from a material called Dakota Burl, which is made from sunflower seed husks pressed into a board using eco resins. The door and drawer  faces are made from Kirei board, which is made from agricultural wheat stocks, sorgum plant. The stock which are typically burned after harvest are cut and pressed together to form sheets that have the aesthetic characteristics of a Gustaf Klimpt painting or the cellular structure of a plant leaf under microscope.

 Craftsman testing the structure of his design

classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair

Cabinet design for Mid-century remodel

Toyota/ Lexus Pavilions for the Classic car show and race at Laguna Seca Speedway in Monterrey, California.

For MRMc LLC Design Services contact
September 16, 2012

Farm Delight: And all the hues of royalty

From time to time I have a very wonderful friend who will let me partake in my beautiful floral obsession. This was a farm delight wedding, planned on one of the most tranquilly sunny, brisk days in mid-september where the breeze was exactly perfect. And the flowers were…well…there are no words. Purple has always been my best friend’s favorite color, but I never understood it. I was never a fan, until I had my first angel, whose birth stone is amethyst. Now, it’s one of my favorites. The purple, pomegranate hues were a force to be reckoned with by our departure and here are a few snaps of what I wore to arrange the madness.

sequined tank // hudson tear jeans// leather belt (similar: this and this)// Dior Sunnies // by boe necklace // yumi necklace // fringe necklace (similar this this and this)

Happy Sunday. Make the most of it!

September 11, 2012

Confetti Studio Part Deux

Alessandra (left) in French Connection Dress (similar) // Annanbel (right) Anthropologie dress (similar DVF pair with this belt)

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of Confetti Studio this past weekend. Two of my very favorite bloggers, Annabel Wrigley of Little Pin Cushion Studio and Alessandra Gutierrez of Tribal Times and Lala’s Pequenos, have teamed together to take over the fabric, glitter, twine, crafting world. This is the place where fashion and art combine to create imaginative functional objects. Together they are unstoppable and their studio is… well…an amazing combination of  light white, filled with layers upon layers of vibrant color, to say the least.  Even the air cascading through the windows is filled with transparent glitter. Everywhere you look there is something appealing to touch, make or buy. Well done ladies!!! For more on Alessandra and Annabel, the studio, classes and products for purchase, visit Confetti

Lala’s Pequenos currently specializes in noonies, the infant eco-friendly swaddler. The noonie is a sweet way to wrap your babe up like a bean, whilst holding them in your loving arms. Lala’s Pequenos also has a new line of children’s clothes coming out this fall/winter, on shelves by holidays. For more visit Lala’s Pequenos

In addition to these beautiful handmade characters and accessories, Annabel has her first book coming out with all the magic behind the stitching.  Along with her amazing blog, she also teaches sewing to children and workshops for adults. One of my favorite workshops is how to make a pouf. Vimeo tutorial, Annabel, for readers not in town? For classes, tutorials and workshops visit littlepincushionstudio. Stay tuned for the brains behind the the owls eyes.

photos by the very lovely © 2012 Jordan Koepke

September 10, 2012

Confetti Studio: Twine and Leopard

Zara artist Tee (similar) // Alice+Olivia leopard slip dress  (similar piperlime)// Sam Edelman suede booties // bracelet Confetti Studio // gold initial necklace

photos by the very lovely © 2012 Jordan Koepke

August 20, 2012

Gwathmey: Residence & Studio


images via

I found this beautiful contemporary home built in 1965 by Architect Charles Gwathmey. I’m sharing it with you because  this cutting edge residence, he built originally for his parents, is still on the high end of style almost 50 years later. The sleek lines and innovative architecture captures the essence of modern. What looks to be a Mondrian inspired home, is a glowing masterpiece when the sun goes down. The home radiates beauty with light spilling out of the tall glass windows and doors. Gwathmey passed in 2009 and it is said that his widow now resides in the Amagansett, New York home. -AD

Photographer Scott Frances via designintell

August 17, 2012

DIY: Shabby to Mod in 30 min



Since dipping is all the rage, all I needed was a little red & white chalk paint and dirty old stool. I now have a hip new side stool/table in about 30 min.


old stool

2 paint colors



blue tape

I love the dipped look, but I want something a little more mod, less rustic. I wanted to go a bit further than just dipping, so I taped off the bottom legs and painted the top portion red. Then, dipped the bottom legs in a bucket full of white paint, almost to where the red stopped. I like the effect of the white dripping down the legs, so that a portion of the unpainted raw wood is showing.

I don’t take these projects too seriously. If you mess up, the stool is already better than it was before. Just sand and start over.

August 15, 2012

Vitra: Chair exhibition

Vitra Design Museum

If you have a fascination with chairs, as I do, here’s an exhibition not to miss.

Gerrit Rietveld – The Revolution of Space

Ends 16 September 2012, the Vitra Design Museum presents “Gerrit Rietveld – The Revolution of Space”. The Dutchman Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964) was one of the most important designers and architects of the 20th century.

Today his work is primarily associated with his two most famous designs, which have become icons of modernism: the Red-Blue Chair (1918/1923) and the Rietveld-Schröder House (1924). But this exhibition shows that Rietveld’s oeuvre contains many more facets that deserve to be rediscovered.

August 1, 2012

Modular Me: LV home

There are two sides to me when it comes to design and decor, the Ultra clean contemporary and the vintage flare historic. Usually I try to marry the two, but this design needs no pairing. I’ve had my eye on these LV homes for years and am convinced I’ll live in one some day. I love the light, the lines, the style, the space and the green in me, admires the small amount of environmental impact. One of my favorite aspects of the LV is the under statement of architecture mixed with the over statement of style. I’d love a home that appears tiny from the street and opens into a separate world cascading down a hillside.

images via Rocio Romero

July 19, 2012

Creative Island ideas

kitchen island

via calfinderkitchen islands recycled creative

via HGTV

I’m a little over all stainless steel appliances, farm sinks and granite counter tops. Here are some creative island ideas that are out of the norm. Why should your house look like everyone else’s, when it belongs to only you. Whether you rent or own, if your kitchen is bare you can create your own island oasis.

Funky kitchen station

via diyinspired

Great for a little apartment! Provides extra workspace if there isn’t room for an island.

June 3, 2012

Contempo Mobile: water front day dreams

Art. Fashion. Camping. ?? Well, contemporary mobile camping. With warm weather finally here all I can think about is how much I love being near the water. Beach, lake, river, even a creek, I love them all. If there’s water, I’m there. A house on the water is my current obsession, but here’s a pretty fun, chic way to hipster your ride to the water.

Teardrop Trailer// Silver Streak beach trailer// luxury Airstream interior

May 31, 2012

Ombre: the new hue

If you’re looking for a color this Summer, there’s not just one, there’s a Gradient. Ombre is the new hue. Here are some goods for your home and for you. If you’re strutting this style, people will know, you are what’s ‘in’, in the style world.

Michele Saulson Chainmaille Bracelet // Ombre Spoons // Hive and Honey Belt Dress (comes in black and Maroon) //Ombre Clutch // Gradient Top // Women’s Tail Capri Pant // Mens Tee // Old Navy Mens Suit //

For more of my Ombre Picks click here!

May 14, 2012

Brooklyn Stylist: Domino quick fixes

Through my travels I came across the special edition of Domino, quick fixes, from Conde Nast, (on the stands through July 16). It used to be one of my favorite mags until it went out of print in 2009. This new treat has so many ideas to take home. One stylist that kept my attention was Lili Diallo. She gave her cozy Brooklyn apartment some personality using organic elements, such as the rustic couch and nature inspired art, mixed with her hot pink mod pillow. I love the random wall art placed just so that it feels like a grouping, but the pieces are far enough apart that it’s interesting. The key to great style is to keep your eye involved, wanting more.

For more secrets and tricks, here is her book, Details.

p.s. The only thing missing from this lovely Settee and radiant blue wall is me in it!

April 16, 2012

Eco Collage – Repurposed Mags

Today is the first day of Earth Week, which is traditionally celebrated with Earth Day on April 22nd. Alas, my Eco roots run deep (thank you family) and I’m going to celebrate with my other Eco friends all week-long. Every post is going to be an ecofriendly post and my little tots and I are going to plant a bush or tree everyday this week.

Recycled Magazine Collage Artist Patrick Bremer

SH109320 1024x1012 Untitled

collage 003edited Large1 Nicholas
The Castle small The Castle

collage 004edited Large George

Magazine Collage Art – Patrick Bremer

I feel the world is a better place with Patrick Bremer’s Art in it. The flow and dynamic function of the repurposed magazines gives me great satisfaction. Successful collage is not an easy task and one that can relay emotion is even further more difficult. I think I probably have a keen eye for his work as well because the toddler looks like my son Wyatt and the boy like my son Hayden.

Magazines…I have a million. Every subject in the title of this blog I have about 20 magazines for off-hand. Here are some ideas to reuse/recycle your mags. I’m currently trying to switch over all my mags to either emags or ipad editions, but I still splurge on the ones I love because there is just something about a piece of print in your finger tips. Other recycled Mag ideas.

"Angelina" Recycled Magazine Handbag

recycled bag via 

diane.gilleland vaese.JPG

Two ways to be green. Mag planter. Another plant has a home. via

DIY magazine baskets via.

March 15, 2012

tricked out puppies

Here are a few of my Magis Puppy faves that have been tricked out for the Action for Singapore Dogs.

Artist:  Honmay Kwan, Randy Chan, Richard Tat, Sebastian Chun

I love these artificial pups. The Magis Puppy is aesthetically pleasing and functional chair for children.



Other pieces of funky function


chair // coat rack // container // clock

March 14, 2012

Plan your weekend or your year

What better way to understand Style than to travel. Here is an e-mag with a global perspective on Art, Fashion and Furniture around the world.  Wayfare magazine really is the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many ideas worth leaving your footprint for. It has everything from clothing in Amsterdam, to books on Paris, to a family reunion in San Fran, to hotels in Sweden. You can find  a retreat in Marrakesh,  coffee in Africa, and counter stools for sale in Michigan. Go on…see what’s out there. 

images via Wayfare Magazine.

It’s a great read, I can’t stop clicking!

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