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July 4, 2012

Happy 4th: Stars and Stripes

I hope where ever you are enjoying yourself this 4th of July, you are wearing something awesome, sitting on something stylish and looking at something patriotic! Happy 4th everyone!!!

My sweet boy never stops moving and these mini boden staples hold up through anything including fallen bikes and saltwater. Here are some stars and stripes pieces for your tots wardrobe.

mini boden towel hoodie // stars board shorts  //striped jersey shorts // stars anorak 

March 19, 2012

The Art Zone

Children’s Interactive Art created online.


The National Gallery of Art has joined technology with creative learning while trying to promote children’s artistic development. Everyday around the US, funding is cut for the Arts and we are loosing talent that is right before our very eyes. Can you imagine a world without the beauty of the creative eye?

Just like Math, Language and the Sciences, creative learning begins early. Earlier in fact than most educational programs. Children are able to finger paint before they can speak, read, or conduct simple experiments. The difficulty is, like every other talent or skill, if the brain is not exercised, the creativity can be lost. Why not in grain in our children at an early age the importance of The Arts and living a creative life. Challenge them by giving them an artistic outlook on the world and teaching the importance of computer skills. By the time our children turn 5 they are exposed to computer skills in the school system. If you have not already exposed them, then they are already behind. This is a brilliant way to stimulate them in a progressive way.

The ability for small children to use their cognitive skills with the Art Zone Technology makes me hopeful that The Arts are not going to be lost in generations to come.

To find out more about the Arts and the software for Children visit,

characters made with Sea-Saws

images via NGAkids, shown as representation of the Art Zone Program.

March 15, 2012

tricked out puppies

Here are a few of my Magis Puppy faves that have been tricked out for the Action for Singapore Dogs.

Artist:  Honmay Kwan, Randy Chan, Richard Tat, Sebastian Chun

I love these artificial pups. The Magis Puppy is aesthetically pleasing and functional chair for children.



Other pieces of funky function


chair // coat rack // container // clock

March 9, 2012

Mini Frye

Just found my 4 year old in my Frye Boots and had to share.  Even he knows good style!

Hers        His      Mini Frye

January 30, 2012

For Love of Paper – Patricia Zapata

I recently had the pleasure of taking a paper workshop from the extremely talented Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut . After the workshop, I came away with an even larger love of paper. About 8 years ago, when my husband and I lived in London and I was soul searching,  I used to get sucked into Paper Chase on Tottenham Court Rd. I used to wander around for hours. It was 3 floors and had every paper product you can imagine. When I took Patricia ‘s workshop in Salt Lake, it took me back to all the beautiful paper and rich colors and designs. I remember all the lovely things I had wanted to create and I was able to create this adorable piece above. This is one of her templates which we cut for the workshop and below are some of the steps and supplies.



Tea Light by Patricia. Click for more of her printable templates.


The Lovely Patricia Hut holding her mobile, which I believe has around 100 cut flowers.


December 14, 2011

The Contempo Dollhouse

For your children or the child in you? brinca dāda’s  contemporary beach/concrete style home has been scaled down to a modern day dollhouse, less the pink bows and purple wallpaper. It is cool beyond its years!!

A house like this is a good way to get perspective on rooms and how to lay them out. The furniture is free and you can use this home as a model when rearranging your own furniture. Granite, the shape of rooms are different and almost no one has a spiral staircase, but it’s still an easy way get ideas without uprooting all of your belongings in a space that is no longer functional after rearranging.

The Dylan House is currently offered on with free furniture and shipping. I just got mine. I’ll let know know how it goes.

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