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March 9, 2013

2013’s Retro Floral

floral chair

Okologi chair

One Kings Lane Saint Remy Floral Chair

One Kings Lane - Lily Pulitzer fabric

floral chair fabric


clockwise: Blue Poppies // Fall Floral //  Hot House Floral // Happy Poppies

 What’s on the rise? Florals, everywhere from the US to the AU. Not just in clothing, but down to the fabric in upholstered furniture. Are the late 80’s back? Nope…although we love the neons. These floral prints are bold and bright, with a splash of retro. So, when you’re recovering and walk past what you think is a dated floral, think again. These are some funky floral options.

Chairs from the Lovely Clusters (catalog & etsy shop) , Okologi Interior Design and One King’s Lane

November 21, 2012

Occasional: Tables I’m loving right now.

Round turquoise wire table // wire base table //abc Home wire table  // yellow hour glass table

 Here are four wire tables that are at the top of my list this season. I love the look of wire because you can see every detail in the weave and design. Wire has the ability to show the delicacy of the art of furniture and durability of strength in the material. These occasional tables are both successful in design and function. Furniture is meant to be used, so if you’re looking for an artistic style, my advice…make sure you can place your coffee cup on it.

October 6, 2012

Etsy Love: Wooden shelving options

white birch forest - natural white birch wood wall art/shelf - made to order

Bookshelves- Salvaged Wood Shelves with Steel Frame


2 Reclaimed Shelves

Cottage Chic Reclaimed Wood Bookshelves (Set of 2)
ON SALE - Reclaimed Bookcase - Tribeca Bookcase - Was 7,200 Now 5,700 Dollar

Portable Book  / DVD / CD Shelving Unit on castors

Iron and Reclaimed Wood

Industrial Shelf or Spice Rack



September 17, 2012

Katsumi Moroi: MRMc Custom Luxury Design

Mid-century Design Remodel

I thought it best to start out your week with the amazing, furniture designer, artist and craftsman Katsumi Moroi of MRMc. This designer creates custom works based on the needs and design aesthetic of the space and surroundings. He has done everything from luxury car showcase pavillion design to an architectural remodel in Joshua Tree to a classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair. Moroi’s company MRMc is a multi-disciplinary design firm that focuses on crafting functional/beautiful spaces and objects using both traditional and advanced manufacturing processes. They strive to achieve beauty, efficiency and sustainability through material selection and fabrication techniques. While the breadth of his portfolio is pleasantly endless, here are some of his recent projects. 

Joshua Tree Exterior Renovation

This remodel was done in collaboration with Michael Rotondi and a crew of interns from Sam Mockbee’s rural studio. The overall remodel  of the house was meant to be seen as a found object in the desert.


Some of Moroi’s services range from architectural design and construction, furniture/product design and fabrication as well as prototyping.

French country tables designed and built for the Chef Ludo Lefebrve. The Material to include reclaimed lumber which creates a more antique like patina/look.

The materials used on this cabinet are considered green and sustainable. The cabinet body is made from a material called Dakota Burl, which is made from sunflower seed husks pressed into a board using eco resins. The door and drawer  faces are made from Kirei board, which is made from agricultural wheat stocks, sorgum plant. The stock which are typically burned after harvest are cut and pressed together to form sheets that have the aesthetic characteristics of a Gustaf Klimpt painting or the cellular structure of a plant leaf under microscope.

 Craftsman testing the structure of his design

classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair

Cabinet design for Mid-century remodel

Toyota/ Lexus Pavilions for the Classic car show and race at Laguna Seca Speedway in Monterrey, California.

For MRMc LLC Design Services contact
September 1, 2012

labor day obsessions


Here are my labor day obsessions.  For More click. 

September 1, 2012

Yesterday: Divine details of the past

Yesterday a beautiful antique Settee came into my life and I’m so excited, I have to share. These timeless pieces seem to keep finding a way to my doorstep. I think it’s the universe trying to tell me I’m an old soul.

My little friends are equally excited and have refused to step foot on the wood floor. The Velvet is so soft and restful. I find them sneaking in to put their sweet little faces against it.

The divine details of the past are what always keeps a hold on my heart.

A little vintage funk adjacent to the settee. This is the original fireplace in our home built in 1810. It was filled in many years back, but we didn’t want to lose the feature, so we covered it with italian ceramic tile.

Here’s a before image.

August 17, 2012

DIY: Shabby to Mod in 30 min



Since dipping is all the rage, all I needed was a little red & white chalk paint and dirty old stool. I now have a hip new side stool/table in about 30 min.


old stool

2 paint colors



blue tape

I love the dipped look, but I want something a little more mod, less rustic. I wanted to go a bit further than just dipping, so I taped off the bottom legs and painted the top portion red. Then, dipped the bottom legs in a bucket full of white paint, almost to where the red stopped. I like the effect of the white dripping down the legs, so that a portion of the unpainted raw wood is showing.

I don’t take these projects too seriously. If you mess up, the stool is already better than it was before. Just sand and start over.

August 7, 2012

Vintage Funk: Second hand, antique hunting

Yesterday I took a little 3 hour retreat to see some of my old friends, the antique shops. Here are some snaps at what I found. It’s an experience, as the “good ones” are about 45 minutes away, with a beautiful drive through horse country on the way. I love the whole experience of the hunt. The drive, the search, the finds. Antique, second-hand shopping helps me clear my head of all the sludge and muck in everyday life. I can disappear for a couple of hours into someone else’s world and come home to merge an old lifestyle with my new one. It’s oddly refreshing to incorporate someone else’s vintage funk into my Mom, Designer, Artist world. My tots love the crazy things I come home with. These vintage finds come from the sweet The Old Lucketts Store in the town of  Lucketts in Leesburg, VA.

July 22, 2012

High Fashion Striped Chairs

While we’re striping…here are some of my striped chair faves.

Chairs above via Dransfield and Ross 

Below Gae Aulenti Locus Solus armchair c. 1963. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

Here’s one I did about a month ago. It now rests in my kitchen with my Annie Sloan striped painted table. The Blue and White are both her chalk paint and the hot pink stripe is Raspberry Pudding from Benjamin Moore.

July 15, 2012

HB: Contemporary Cottage

I’d love to say that I came up with all these completely amazing rooms, alas, it was a Beach Cottage displayed in the July issue of House Beautiful. I’m not one typically to put an entire house from a magazine, but I fell in love with this spread and thought I’d share. Each room  in this 1,650 sq ft house is so clean and fresh with aesthetic interest. Each individual space shows an element of intrigue. A little special something goes a long way, whether it be the window treatment or text displayed in a creative humorous way. Check it out.

The framing of these works is innovative. They have chosen several strong pieces, which would hang beautifully independently of one another,  and placed them in one large frame to give them prominence in numbers. I love it!!

The tied twine rope caught my eye in this photo, as did the wrought iron tables and the floor to ceiling fireplace feature.

I live in a home with beams and our fixture hang from them. I like the way the designer has immersed the lighting into the architecture of the room. The lighting then becomes part of the room, rather than a feature.

text on stairs…win/win.

Vintage appliances combined with retro contemporary cabinetry is always a welcome mix to a kitchen. Of course, the painting leaning against the wall near the stove top is a personal fave. I like it when people lean paintings in the kitchen. For reason, it give it importance. Humankind loves to generally hang in the kitchen, so if it’s there, it’s a piece to be adored. There is something sweet about these pieces. A glimpse into the owners world.

Bar/Cafe opens out from the kitchen to the terrace with the sink easily accessible.

Window drapery caught my eye. Simple, light and privacy all in one swoop.

All images via House Beautiful July 2012 issue

July 1, 2012

Edisto Style: What’s in the bag

When there’s nothing left to do but relax on an island, here’s what’s in my beachbag.

Serena & Lily Beach towel and chair

Beach Blanket Coverup

Roxy drape suit cover-up


Roxy Cocnut beach bag // Bernardo gladiators // Orange beach chair // little gold band  //essie nail polish//fedora //Hot pink Roxy skirt// Bernardo matrix flats

June 23, 2012

High Style Seating




images via Glasitalia

wooden furniture images via East London Furniture

Stylish Furniture & Decor is offering  a discount for all AFF readers. The code is AFF10 and is valid through July 31, 2012. Thank you for stopping in on Saturday! Hope you have a great weekend.

June 4, 2012

Luxury Cabanas: bring the beach home

image via Bruno no. 6

Came across this lovely beach cabana, which if you’re not beach front, would be really awesome by the pool or two facing one another in the back yard. I’m keen on putting lovely pieces of furniture in places that don’t necessarily make sense. While they’re meant for the sand, they can be really fabulous somewhere else. Placing them in a grassy knoll with a view will create an interesting space and draw attention to a an otherwise normal piece of artistry.

June 3, 2012

Contempo Mobile: water front day dreams

Art. Fashion. Camping. ?? Well, contemporary mobile camping. With warm weather finally here all I can think about is how much I love being near the water. Beach, lake, river, even a creek, I love them all. If there’s water, I’m there. A house on the water is my current obsession, but here’s a pretty fun, chic way to hipster your ride to the water.

Teardrop Trailer// Silver Streak beach trailer// luxury Airstream interior

May 31, 2012

HGTV: last day for chair Giveaway!

The winner will be chosen at random and announced tomorrow, June 1st.

Stylish Furniture and Decor is giving away the actual chair featured in the HGTV “High Low Project” shoot. The Chair retails for $459 and will be shown this Fall in Episode 3.

Here are the qualifying details:

interior image via

May 28, 2012

Surprise: Giveaway day almost here!

Surprise!! A little over a month ago I won this beautiful rocker from Le Zoe Musings and Stylish Furniture and Decor and now it’s your turn.

Stylish Furniture and Decor has been so generous to Giveaway the Black Mid-Century Mod, Siren chair below. It is the actual Siren Chair used in the taping of “The High-Low Project” with Sabrina Soto. Whether you are a fan of HGTV or Modern Furniture the Siren Chair is amazing and you could be sitting in it, when Episode 3 airs this fall. The chair retails at $459 and coming from someone who won a giveaway, it’s the coolest feeling ever to sit in a awesome chair you won for free.


Here are the qualifying details:

Deadline 6 PM on May 31st.
The winner will be chosen at random and announced on June 1st.

Aaaaannnnd…GO!  Good Luck!!

May 21, 2012

Giveaway!!! Enter to win mid century inspired Mod chair

It’s finally here…A GIVEAWAY and it was completely worth the wait!!

 Stylish Furniture and Decor has been so generous to offer all of you, my readers, the chance to win the Siren Chair used on HGTV’s “The High-Low Project” with Sabrina Soto. Whether you are a fan of HGTV or  Modern Furniture, this iconic piece would be amazing in any space.

The Siren chair retails for $459 and is the actual chair featured in the HGTV shoot. The show will air this Fall in Episode 3. So, if you are the lucky winner you can be sitting in your chair to view the show.

Here are the qualifying details:

Entries must be received between 9 AM on May 21st and 6 PM on May 31st.
The winner will be chosen at random and announced on June 1st.

Aaaaannnnd…GO!  Good Luck!!

interior image via

May 19, 2012

Stylish Travel Fold: discount code for readers

Now that the weather is so warm, all I want to do is be outside. If you live somewhere where there isn’t a permanent outdoor space or a spot to call your own, you can always have travel seating in style. Here are some folding chairs that are great for soaking up some Vitamin D and a good choice to add interest to a drab deck.

If you have the luxury of permanence in your patio or deck, here are some mod options to catch any entertaining eye.

All the pieces shown in this post are courtesy of Stylish Furniture and Decor. They have been extremely giving and are allowing a %10 discount code to all my readers. To access discount upon purchase, use code AFF10 in the voucher coupon section of checkout. For more pieces visit

 For more funky furniture finds visit my Pinterest Page.

May 14, 2012

Brooklyn Stylist: Domino quick fixes

Through my travels I came across the special edition of Domino, quick fixes, from Conde Nast, (on the stands through July 16). It used to be one of my favorite mags until it went out of print in 2009. This new treat has so many ideas to take home. One stylist that kept my attention was Lili Diallo. She gave her cozy Brooklyn apartment some personality using organic elements, such as the rustic couch and nature inspired art, mixed with her hot pink mod pillow. I love the random wall art placed just so that it feels like a grouping, but the pieces are far enough apart that it’s interesting. The key to great style is to keep your eye involved, wanting more.

For more secrets and tricks, here is her book, Details.

p.s. The only thing missing from this lovely Settee and radiant blue wall is me in it!

April 26, 2012

“Twenty-five years ago interiors were very fussy, but luxe today is space, air, and light.” says Christian Liaigre.

-Elle Decor Magazine

I have included a yacht sketch because I find the cross over from furniture design to yacht design to be amazing! They are two things close to my heart, as I lived on a yacht for some time. They are very similar, yet so drastically different in their functions. Yachts are extremely complicated to create with the elements constantly at play, so designing an airy, light  yacht space is quite the challenge.

Liaigre opens a showroom in New York and Miami and is not going to be exclusive to the trade. I love when designers do this, because fans and designers come from all arenas.

Images via Elle Decor Magazine

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