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May 23, 2012

Into the DC Artist Mind: Billy Colbert

DC – Based Artist, Billy Colbert, made a debut at Curator Amy Morton’s, Morton Fine Art Gallery this past month.  The works on display are mindful measures of emotion and although Colbert has an MFA, you can’t teach this kind of passion. The pieces come from his soul. His style and flair are a mixture of pop culture and commercial icons. The Brilliance of the hues relays both a tone of serious measure and playfulness at heart. The complexity of works is outstanding.

For more works By Billy Colbert visit Morton Fine Art. For more MFA Artist.

Images via Morton Fine Art and

March 12, 2012

The Juxtaposition of boundaries and freedom- Brooke Shaden

I always like to start my week by looking at an awesome piece of art work. It seems to set the tone for what’s to come. I woke up really feeling like this was a day of chaos, but I found artist Brooke Shaden  who seems to give me a strength to center myself. Her works give an etherial freedom, but at the same time, the bounds of emotion. I think pieces that are the most powerful have juxtaposing character which builds the dynamic of the work.

“Within the space of a square frame, I try to build a world that is undeniably separate from the one we live in.” -Shaden
Shaden’s pieces fulfill my need to delve into endless possibilities, but to be cautious in my endeavors. When you come across works of art this week, ask yourself, what it is that draws you to them. Why do you keep coming back to view them, or why not? How does the piece relate to your emotion or life at that particular moment? The artwork we love is ever evolving and if it is not, then reach within and push yourself to view works outside your comfort zone. It will help you evolve as a person.
February 20, 2012

Fine Art Fix

I’m in need of an Art fix and I’m sharing it with all of you. I just haven’t had enough Fine Art pieces in my life lately, so I went on a hunt for some pieces that move me. Here are some works that I’m enjoying at the moment.

When I was searching for pieces, I was specifically searching for figurative works. For some reason in figurative pieces, the emotion translated from artist to canvas touches me in way far different from other genres. If the eyes are exposed, they strike me as  windows into the artist emotional state and the movement of the figures body is a direct reflection or a piece of their personality at that moment in time. This is why so many artist wear their emotions on their sleeve, because they have literally dipped a brush and stroked their soul out for the world to see.


Charlie Calder-Potts

Valeriy Gridnev

Dale Lamson

Anne-Marie Kornachuk

Terry Strickland

Galley to watch: Miller Gallery, Ohio.

January 24, 2012

Bosco Sodi’s explosive texture

I recently came across this insane artist named Bosco Sodi. He’s out of Brooklyn by way of Barcelona and Berlin. He’s a native to Mexico and his colors are  indicative of his native country. Saturated with stylistic flavor and rich texture, each piece is a combination sawdust, pigment, water and glue, and smothered onto a gigantic canvas. For more explosive works and his bio visit Sodi’s website 

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Sodi’s works can be seen in person at Pace Gallery, 545 W. 22nd St.

January 11, 2012

In memory of David Whitaker

I came across an artist recently who reminded me of David Whitaker. David, an amazing artist, passed away a couple years ago and his pieces and character are still with me. I worked with him about 6 years ago and ran a half marathon at Stonehenge in England with him that same year. Although the beauty of the landscape was indescribable, I still needed my ipod to get me over the cross country hills. When I got to the end, he was standing in a robe enjoying the scenery. I asked how he ran without music, he said “I run so that I can be one with the elements”. He words are so simple and loaded at the same time, as are his works. The world lost an amazing man and artist when he passed, but his pieces are still with us.

Stephane Dafflon, the artist below, is the artist who brought to mind my old friend. He currently shows in Paris, France and although his works are far different from Whitaker, I find a similar peace in their paintings.

December 29, 2011

Black & White with Ease – Geoffrey Johnson

I’ve been sitting here looking through Black &White (the book from my previous post) trying to figure out to incorporate it into my everyday life. Other than the obvious solutions of outfitting my room with monotones and paint, how do you truly inject the black and white theme and add a touch of color without a pop? It’s more challenging than it seems. The idea is to enjoy it, not letting your eye abruptly stop at the color, but rather breeze by with ease. I started to brainstorm artists who paint in black and white and appear to think in black and white.  One of my favorite’s came to mind. Geoffrey Johnson.

He for the most part, gives the feeling of black and white to create majestic cityscapes. They are extremely rich in hue, but seamlessly transparent at the same time. He came out with a series of works where he blended more exuberant color with his contrast. Successful? You be the judge.

For more information regarding the works by Geoffrey Johnson visit

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December 15, 2011

Morton Fine Art – Athneaum Show

My dear friend and Curator, Amy Morton of Morton Fine Art in Washington, DC, was chosen as the Washington Post’s gallery opening of the week. Amy has chosen two recent graduates from the Corcoran College of Art and Design to exhibit their works in Old Town Alexandria’s Anthenaeum on Prince St through January 22.
Details are as follows:

“Into the Light: Esther Yi and Victoria Shaheen”. Curated by Amy Morton for Morton Fine Art.
Where? The Anthenaeum, 201 Prince St, Alexandria, VA 22314
When? Through 22 January 2012. Thurs, Fri, Sun 12pm-4pm, Sat 1pm-4pm
Why? An emerging artist show of this caliber offers an exciting opportunity for collectors to view and acquire work ahead of the curve!

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