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January 5, 2013

My Nook: Good Visuals & Recommended reads

Good Visuals and recommended reads

The rush of holidays is finally over and with all the parties, family, friends and fun, it’s time to slow down and look through the books I have long been coveting. Here are some of the reads I’ve added to my collection this season.

Books: Evidence  Architects// The Color Revolution // Dazzling Design // The Iconic Interior // Kelly Wearstler RhapsodyGood Reads

I also updated my nook with a mix of pieces vintage and mod.  It’s easy to change small spaces with simple updates. If you get overwhelmed tackle a corner or hall way. It will give you a fresh start for the new year. Floor lamp

Icelandic Sheep Skin Rug

painted table

Where I got this look: Table from To Bee Seated // Chair – Vintage find // Pillow -mod find from vintage shop // Icelandic viking sheepskin rug -found from a Artisan in the Blue Ridge Mountains // Stella Floor Lamp – Urban Outfitters

Nook PillowsNo Brand  70’s throwback//  Jonathan Adler Multi color Bargello // Jonathan Adler Jamaica Lane // @ pillow //Trina Turk Geo Yellow and Gray // Blissliving Jack multi pillow // Natori Lotus Temple

December 12, 2012

Found Object Art and Design: Torlarp Larpjaroensook

Torlarp larpjaroensook

This is a spotlight on one Torlarp larpjaroensook, nicknamed Hern, an amazing Artist whose house is in fact, a canvas/workshop/ livable space/creative zone. The Artist and owner of Gallery See Scape has talent radiating out of the ends of his long dreadlocks. He turns found objects into treasure and uses elements in his environment to create 2D paintings of Oil and Acrylic. When he speaks of his art and his home, he comments,


My art is crazy because my mind is crazy- I put everything in my head into my art and feel peaceful for a moment, until the noise starts again. It helps me get creative.  ~Hern


Torlarp larpjaroensook ITorlarp larpjaroensook II


I look at everyday objects and think about how I use them differently, giving them a new or special function. I get inspiration from all around me.  ~Hern


Torlarp larpjaroensook III


Art is a part of our everyday life – I want to show art in everyday life. I believe everything around us is art.  ~Hern


images and quotes via Habitus.

September 25, 2012

Elizabeth Garouste Chair Sillouette

image via Elle Decor

I saw this image last week in Elle Decor and I can’t get it out of my mind, so I thought I’d share. I love the brilliant idea to use the silhouette of the Elizabeth Garouste chair as a border in front of the window. The layered drapery beneath the wall border, allows the light to dash through the silhouette in such an eloquent manner, it can’t help but compliment the space. Beautiful!

September 20, 2012

Dots: What’s going on north of my ankles?

Gary Webb,  Belly Button Boy, 2009, medium: Cast aluminum, car spray paint, brass and flock

Here’s a little artful inspiration to my polka dot pants yesterday.

Polka Dots!! I love these sweet little jeans. They just put me in a good mood. No matter if someone thinks you look totally ridiculous or totally cool, the spots will make them smile. (similar jeans here) I found these lovely gems at Target.


Polka dot room inspiration. This is wall paper, which is a difficult commitment for me. You can achieve the same effect with slate grey paint, a round stencil or gold leaf circles.


Jeans and walls too bold for you? Try a runner. Basically no commitment.

Other Spot Options


Pinned Image


Hang globes in a row to make the illusion of large polka dots.

September 17, 2012

Katsumi Moroi: MRMc Custom Luxury Design

Mid-century Design Remodel

I thought it best to start out your week with the amazing, furniture designer, artist and craftsman Katsumi Moroi of MRMc. This designer creates custom works based on the needs and design aesthetic of the space and surroundings. He has done everything from luxury car showcase pavillion design to an architectural remodel in Joshua Tree to a classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair. Moroi’s company MRMc is a multi-disciplinary design firm that focuses on crafting functional/beautiful spaces and objects using both traditional and advanced manufacturing processes. They strive to achieve beauty, efficiency and sustainability through material selection and fabrication techniques. While the breadth of his portfolio is pleasantly endless, here are some of his recent projects. 

Joshua Tree Exterior Renovation

This remodel was done in collaboration with Michael Rotondi and a crew of interns from Sam Mockbee’s rural studio. The overall remodel  of the house was meant to be seen as a found object in the desert.


Some of Moroi’s services range from architectural design and construction, furniture/product design and fabrication as well as prototyping.

French country tables designed and built for the Chef Ludo Lefebrve. The Material to include reclaimed lumber which creates a more antique like patina/look.

The materials used on this cabinet are considered green and sustainable. The cabinet body is made from a material called Dakota Burl, which is made from sunflower seed husks pressed into a board using eco resins. The door and drawer  faces are made from Kirei board, which is made from agricultural wheat stocks, sorgum plant. The stock which are typically burned after harvest are cut and pressed together to form sheets that have the aesthetic characteristics of a Gustaf Klimpt painting or the cellular structure of a plant leaf under microscope.

 Craftsman testing the structure of his design

classic Arne Jacobson Egg chair

Cabinet design for Mid-century remodel

Toyota/ Lexus Pavilions for the Classic car show and race at Laguna Seca Speedway in Monterrey, California.

For MRMc LLC Design Services contact
August 20, 2012

Gwathmey: Residence & Studio


images via

I found this beautiful contemporary home built in 1965 by Architect Charles Gwathmey. I’m sharing it with you because  this cutting edge residence, he built originally for his parents, is still on the high end of style almost 50 years later. The sleek lines and innovative architecture captures the essence of modern. What looks to be a Mondrian inspired home, is a glowing masterpiece when the sun goes down. The home radiates beauty with light spilling out of the tall glass windows and doors. Gwathmey passed in 2009 and it is said that his widow now resides in the Amagansett, New York home. -AD

Photographer Scott Frances via designintell

August 15, 2012

Vitra: Chair exhibition

Vitra Design Museum

If you have a fascination with chairs, as I do, here’s an exhibition not to miss.

Gerrit Rietveld – The Revolution of Space

Ends 16 September 2012, the Vitra Design Museum presents “Gerrit Rietveld – The Revolution of Space”. The Dutchman Gerrit Rietveld (1888-1964) was one of the most important designers and architects of the 20th century.

Today his work is primarily associated with his two most famous designs, which have become icons of modernism: the Red-Blue Chair (1918/1923) and the Rietveld-Schröder House (1924). But this exhibition shows that Rietveld’s oeuvre contains many more facets that deserve to be rediscovered.

August 7, 2012

Interior for your dreams

white sweedish inspiration6 Beautiful and Practical Tiny Apartment Interior Design

white sweedish inspiration9 Beautiful and Practical Tiny Apartment Interior Design

white sweedish inspiration11 Beautiful and Practical Tiny Apartment Interior Design

Here a sweet preview of a beautiful little apartment designed just perfectly to escape into your dreams.

There are sleek elements I have added to my own home, such as the faux fur rug, which lies in my breakfast nook and the transparent abc home bubble light which lies above. Adjacent, I have the bar stool design of the table chairs and I’m looking for more lovely details to add to my digs.  We also have radiant heat, which is a challenging aesthetic to design around. Good use of the space, which is also safe, is to put a floating shelf above the heater to display artwork, without covering the heater.

love the brick design over the breakfast window.

For more visit Fresh Home

August 7, 2012

Vintage Funk: Second hand, antique hunting

Yesterday I took a little 3 hour retreat to see some of my old friends, the antique shops. Here are some snaps at what I found. It’s an experience, as the “good ones” are about 45 minutes away, with a beautiful drive through horse country on the way. I love the whole experience of the hunt. The drive, the search, the finds. Antique, second-hand shopping helps me clear my head of all the sludge and muck in everyday life. I can disappear for a couple of hours into someone else’s world and come home to merge an old lifestyle with my new one. It’s oddly refreshing to incorporate someone else’s vintage funk into my Mom, Designer, Artist world. My tots love the crazy things I come home with. These vintage finds come from the sweet The Old Lucketts Store in the town of  Lucketts in Leesburg, VA.

August 1, 2012

Modular Me: LV home

There are two sides to me when it comes to design and decor, the Ultra clean contemporary and the vintage flare historic. Usually I try to marry the two, but this design needs no pairing. I’ve had my eye on these LV homes for years and am convinced I’ll live in one some day. I love the light, the lines, the style, the space and the green in me, admires the small amount of environmental impact. One of my favorite aspects of the LV is the under statement of architecture mixed with the over statement of style. I’d love a home that appears tiny from the street and opens into a separate world cascading down a hillside.

images via Rocio Romero

July 19, 2012

Creative Island ideas

kitchen island

via calfinderkitchen islands recycled creative

via HGTV

I’m a little over all stainless steel appliances, farm sinks and granite counter tops. Here are some creative island ideas that are out of the norm. Why should your house look like everyone else’s, when it belongs to only you. Whether you rent or own, if your kitchen is bare you can create your own island oasis.

Funky kitchen station

via diyinspired

Great for a little apartment! Provides extra workspace if there isn’t room for an island.

July 15, 2012

HB: Contemporary Cottage

I’d love to say that I came up with all these completely amazing rooms, alas, it was a Beach Cottage displayed in the July issue of House Beautiful. I’m not one typically to put an entire house from a magazine, but I fell in love with this spread and thought I’d share. Each room  in this 1,650 sq ft house is so clean and fresh with aesthetic interest. Each individual space shows an element of intrigue. A little special something goes a long way, whether it be the window treatment or text displayed in a creative humorous way. Check it out.

The framing of these works is innovative. They have chosen several strong pieces, which would hang beautifully independently of one another,  and placed them in one large frame to give them prominence in numbers. I love it!!

The tied twine rope caught my eye in this photo, as did the wrought iron tables and the floor to ceiling fireplace feature.

I live in a home with beams and our fixture hang from them. I like the way the designer has immersed the lighting into the architecture of the room. The lighting then becomes part of the room, rather than a feature.

text on stairs…win/win.

Vintage appliances combined with retro contemporary cabinetry is always a welcome mix to a kitchen. Of course, the painting leaning against the wall near the stove top is a personal fave. I like it when people lean paintings in the kitchen. For reason, it give it importance. Humankind loves to generally hang in the kitchen, so if it’s there, it’s a piece to be adored. There is something sweet about these pieces. A glimpse into the owners world.

Bar/Cafe opens out from the kitchen to the terrace with the sink easily accessible.

Window drapery caught my eye. Simple, light and privacy all in one swoop.

All images via House Beautiful July 2012 issue

June 3, 2012

Contempo Mobile: water front day dreams

Art. Fashion. Camping. ?? Well, contemporary mobile camping. With warm weather finally here all I can think about is how much I love being near the water. Beach, lake, river, even a creek, I love them all. If there’s water, I’m there. A house on the water is my current obsession, but here’s a pretty fun, chic way to hipster your ride to the water.

Teardrop Trailer// Silver Streak beach trailer// luxury Airstream interior

May 31, 2012

Ombre: the new hue

If you’re looking for a color this Summer, there’s not just one, there’s a Gradient. Ombre is the new hue. Here are some goods for your home and for you. If you’re strutting this style, people will know, you are what’s ‘in’, in the style world.

Michele Saulson Chainmaille Bracelet // Ombre Spoons // Hive and Honey Belt Dress (comes in black and Maroon) //Ombre Clutch // Gradient Top // Women’s Tail Capri Pant // Mens Tee // Old Navy Mens Suit //

For more of my Ombre Picks click here!

May 14, 2012

Brooklyn Stylist: Domino quick fixes

Through my travels I came across the special edition of Domino, quick fixes, from Conde Nast, (on the stands through July 16). It used to be one of my favorite mags until it went out of print in 2009. This new treat has so many ideas to take home. One stylist that kept my attention was Lili Diallo. She gave her cozy Brooklyn apartment some personality using organic elements, such as the rustic couch and nature inspired art, mixed with her hot pink mod pillow. I love the random wall art placed just so that it feels like a grouping, but the pieces are far enough apart that it’s interesting. The key to great style is to keep your eye involved, wanting more.

For more secrets and tricks, here is her book, Details.

p.s. The only thing missing from this lovely Settee and radiant blue wall is me in it!

April 26, 2012

“Twenty-five years ago interiors were very fussy, but luxe today is space, air, and light.” says Christian Liaigre.

-Elle Decor Magazine

I have included a yacht sketch because I find the cross over from furniture design to yacht design to be amazing! They are two things close to my heart, as I lived on a yacht for some time. They are very similar, yet so drastically different in their functions. Yachts are extremely complicated to create with the elements constantly at play, so designing an airy, light  yacht space is quite the challenge.

Liaigre opens a showroom in New York and Miami and is not going to be exclusive to the trade. I love when designers do this, because fans and designers come from all arenas.

Images via Elle Decor Magazine

April 19, 2012

Designer Eco Homes

The best way to LEED an Eco life is with an Eco home. Enjoy these beautifully built earth friendly homes.

Stand Out Cabin Designs

Earth 911


Home Design Imperial

April 5, 2012

The Striped Nook

Continuing my love of Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan, I decided to take up my breakfast nook a notch. In the Spring we have a beautiful old lilac tree outside our window and I wanted to make that area just a bit more special. I decided to take a table that was in need of some serious attention and give it new life. I used the colors Duck Egg Blue and Pure White and gave the table a distressed striped look. Keeping with my modern vintage aesthetic, I added a contemporary lamp to my old beams and now I have a sweet lively nook to enjoy my lilacs.

March 31, 2012

Jonathan Adler – within reach?

If you had the opportunity to interview Jonathan Adler, would you take it? I sure as heck would!! I have two days left and I’m about 1000 votes away from having the chance of a lifetime. The contest to win the interview with Jonathan Alder has almost come to an end, but it’s still within reach.  If you click here, you can go to the Cottonelle Facebook page and vote for me, Mary Beth. Click the thumbs up and share. Thank you for all your support!! If I win, I wouldn’t disappoint!

image via

Click here to vote.

March 16, 2012

For the tired home

If you’re not looking for an entire room makeover, here are a few home decor ideas to do a little updating. They are transient pieces that can move around your home as your taste and needs change.


blue paint // yellow standing lamp // Clay Dip Pillow // Gorilla Sculpture // orange throw // acrylic table // Turquoise Lamp

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