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January 5, 2013

My Nook: Good Visuals & Recommended reads

Good Visuals and recommended reads

The rush of holidays is finally over and with all the parties, family, friends and fun, it’s time to slow down and look through the books I have long been coveting. Here are some of the reads I’ve added to my collection this season.

Books: Evidence  Architects// The Color Revolution // Dazzling Design // The Iconic Interior // Kelly Wearstler RhapsodyGood Reads

I also updated my nook with a mix of pieces vintage and mod.  It’s easy to change small spaces with simple updates. If you get overwhelmed tackle a corner or hall way. It will give you a fresh start for the new year. Floor lamp

Icelandic Sheep Skin Rug

painted table

Where I got this look: Table from To Bee Seated // Chair – Vintage find // Pillow -mod find from vintage shop // Icelandic viking sheepskin rug -found from a Artisan in the Blue Ridge Mountains // Stella Floor Lamp – Urban Outfitters

Nook PillowsNo Brand  70’s throwback//  Jonathan Adler Multi color Bargello // Jonathan Adler Jamaica Lane // @ pillow //Trina Turk Geo Yellow and Gray // Blissliving Jack multi pillow // Natori Lotus Temple

September 9, 2012

ABC Home: Tapas and Chandeliers

I spent one of my lovely nights in NYC at an ABC home restaurant and although New York is amazing and the girls I was with, were amazing, the chandeliers were to die for…a design dream. I mean, each one was decadent and gleaming with luster and pazazz. I learned from many designers before me, you can’t go wrong with ABC Home. If you want the essence of illumination, these Chandeliers are it. Fore more sparkling inspiration, go to, ABChome. If you’re saving for magical lighting one day and want to enjoy the Glam now, visit Pipas.

August 7, 2012

Vintage Funk: Second hand, antique hunting

Yesterday I took a little 3 hour retreat to see some of my old friends, the antique shops. Here are some snaps at what I found. It’s an experience, as the “good ones” are about 45 minutes away, with a beautiful drive through horse country on the way. I love the whole experience of the hunt. The drive, the search, the finds. Antique, second-hand shopping helps me clear my head of all the sludge and muck in everyday life. I can disappear for a couple of hours into someone else’s world and come home to merge an old lifestyle with my new one. It’s oddly refreshing to incorporate someone else’s vintage funk into my Mom, Designer, Artist world. My tots love the crazy things I come home with. These vintage finds come from the sweet The Old Lucketts Store in the town of  Lucketts in Leesburg, VA.

March 16, 2012

For the tired home

If you’re not looking for an entire room makeover, here are a few home decor ideas to do a little updating. They are transient pieces that can move around your home as your taste and needs change.


blue paint // yellow standing lamp // Clay Dip Pillow // Gorilla Sculpture // orange throw // acrylic table // Turquoise Lamp

February 29, 2012

I got out!

This week I got out! I went out into the world to see what was around the corner. Sometimes it’s hard to leave our normal footprint and steer away from the trends, but what makes our lives better is a broader perspective. The only way to be inspired by the Art, Fashion and Furniture around you is to go searching for it. Unless you just ordered something insane off the internet, it’s probably not going to come knocking at your door, so get out! Leave your town, city, island and see the how people are living, what they are wearing, what they’re sitting on, what they’re looking at. What’s in your town is certain to be different from someone else’s. It’s how we’re wired. We’re all different.

About 40 minutes outside my footprint, I found this really inspiring funky, retro set up. I felt like I had been sent to my house growing up, but with a vintage mod twist. The only thing missing is the scenic beach wallpaper.

To add any of these pieces to your life, visit Copper Fox Antiques.

Scenic Wallpaper by Better Wallpaper.

February 9, 2012

The Art of Furniture Design

The economy is slightly picking up as we’re headed into spring. The shopping juices are starting to flow. If you’re about to walk into another large furniture chain to give your home a facelift to match the warm weather, walk away!

There are so many amazing furniture artists out there. Look up some of your local Artisans when restyling your home. We are all so different and your space should be a reflection of that. Here are two amazing furniture designers and artists for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

For Bios and more information on the Designers visit web links below.

Tom Price photos via

Roy McMakin photos via Domestic Furniture

December 21, 2011

Keeping the Holiday Sunshine

I was just talking to someone very special in my life and she was referring to all the lovely colors of the holidays and how they affect her. One sweet thing she shared with me was how the metallic of the ornaments, lights and glitter remind her of the warmth of the sun. I thought, as I was listening, how can we make this last?

During the holidays, I keep my lights low so that the tree lights up the room. Next to the tree, I keep a chair making it simple to cozy up to the glow of the lights and read my favorite interior design magazine.

An easy way to continue this relaxing, festive style is to make a nook where your tree used to be. Hang a metallic pendent light and install a dimmer, so that the lighting may be adjusted to simulate the glow of the tree. Hang over your favorite cozy chair and keep the warmth of the holidays year round.

December 6, 2011

Where there’s color, there’s life.

Color! Color! Color! A brilliant piece of furniture or lighting can make the most desolate room inviting. Don’t be afraid of color. Here are a few must haves in my future.

Vintage Kantha Uphholstered Chair

” The vibrant patchwork fabric of our chairs originates from vintage cotton saris. Indian textile artisans sew them into colorful quilts using kantha, a traditional running stitch embroidery. Each unique…” as posted on Viva Terra.

For more about the chairs origin please click here. 

Fly Suspension Lamp by Kartell

This bubble globe ceiling light is an amazing addition to any room. Each bubble is transparent so the light diffuses softly through the room.

Sukan woven silk pillow

This pillow adds a pop of color without being overbearing. The best thing about a pillow is it’s easy to store if your taste is seasonal. Rotating pillows for seasons is a must.

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