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February 16, 2012

Rooftop Oasis

I took a trip couple of days ago to my old stomping ground, Philadelphia. It got me thinking about all of the things I love about the city, namely the parks and rooftop gardens. There is something so romantic about gardens and disappearing in them. Whether you are walking though a busy square or sitting high above all the commotion in a roof retreat, the idea of the beautiful greenery and lush trees in an urban jungle is refreshing. It gives a fresh perspective and helps clear ones thoughts. Here are a couple outdoor spaces I think are functional and fun. Use your imagination with outdoor space. Add color and use every inch of your space.

One garden design idea that I learned from living in Philadelphia is to choose annuals wisely. Every summer I now plant two different types of sweet potato vines, the purple or ‘blackie’ and the lime green or emerald lace. These vines grow rapidly and give a thick lush feeling quickly.  I like to combine the different shaped leaves to give texture and interest. I also put in a pop of red or purple with either a geraniums or petunias. For more gardening tips and ideas visit Petals in Prose.


Furniture ideas for your garden oasis. Good for city or suburban modern patio.


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