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February 2, 2013

Fine Art & Contemporary Utility

The artist Peter Pincus recently floated into my life and his style and outlook have made quite the impression on me. As the daughter of a potter, ceramics is cast deep in my bones. I remember at the age of 3 smashing my feet in the clay buckets and love the smell of fresh, wet clay.

PP cermics II

shift ceramics

The pieces by Peter Pincus strike me in way that appeal to many sections of the right brain. I very much appreciate the form and function of the work, but moreover the design and graphic element to the pieces; the possible influence of a retro, contemporary style. These pieces are on the edge of mixing many iconic eras. In a recent interview with Justin Crowe’s,, Peter explains the foundation of his works. One thing I find intriguing about Pincus’ process, is the ability to use only portions of each piece to make the perfect vessel. His process, which he explains in the interview, is to throw a piece, cast the mold, dissect it, take the perfected pieces and place them back together. In essence, I suppose it’s a mastered puzzle for our eye to enjoy.

PP ceramics


Peter relays his interest in crossing over to collaboration with the fashion world. His design work, in my opinion, would translate very well into fabric. I can see these designs walking the runway as we speak. His sleek lines, sharp edges and brilliant hues are a perfect match for a spring line.

I want to connect affluent art objects with contemporary culture. To do this, I make colorful porcelain objects that are both three dimensional paintings and functional containers. They combine vibrant material with contemporary aesthetics borrowed from pop culture, fashion, tattoos, modernist paintings and other sources. Together, they form a basic working vocabulary of color relationships and compositions highlighting what I see as defining elements of our current culture.  ~Peter Pincus   via Dizbe

Peter Pincus decanter and cup

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