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October 24, 2012

How is it Wednesday?

Even though the last five days started sitting in traffic, it’s been nonstop since. Here’s a little play by play of what AFF has been up to.

After what felt like hours upon hours in traffic, it was all worth it because we made it to a beautiful dinner which could not be captured because I was having too much fun. It felt a little like this. A quaint dinner for all of her closest friends and family. 

Bellisimo…Bellisimo!! Then, it led to dancing in this beautiful dress that I just had to wear because it makes me feel like a goddess. 

As the weekend wound down, it was total chaos, but I still had time for a little of this.

Scored this and this.

Then, the projects started.

Waverly Fabric and a second hand stool from antique shop in South Carolina.

Here we are today with a day before we leave town again and I feel a little like this. How is it going to get done? But it always does and most of the time it goes off with out a hitch.

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