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March 7, 2013

Layering Luster: The necklace parade

Now that 2012 and the Arm Party (Thank you Man Repeller) are behind us, what’s next? The Necklace parade. Layer some lush statement pieces with dainty chains to amp up last season’s style. Here are a few from Anthropologie that I’m loving this season.

necklace layering
 necklace layering II

1. Jade Dotted Double Strand

2. Agassie Ceramic Necklace

3. Brass Cirque Necklace

4. Fairburn Necklace

5. Geometer Nekclace

6. Drupelet Strand

7. Embroidery Tufted Pendant Necklace

8. lock and key necklace


For these and more Anthro necklaces click here. 

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