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December 20, 2012

For Love of City Life

 Ground level looking into the sunrise in the meat packing district in NYC

Photo of the Meatpacking district  by Mike Richard

I have many great loves and one is bustling city life. I like to take a trip into the city as much as possible, to get lost, soak up the culture, the life, the buzz, the pace, everything a city has to offer. Here are some of my favorite city works and when the time that has elapsed has been too long, these bring me back to that place.

Boy in Park

Boy in Park- by Tim Gardner

Waiting – by Casey Childs – Principle Gallery

Bryant Park – Charles Jarboe – Principle Gallery

Emma Haworth

The Fox is Black illustrations

Paper Metropolis by Kiel Johnson

A photo essay of the city in the blizzard of 2010 click to see the rest…


December 16, 2012

Sculptural gifts under $100


Paper Art - Sculpture - kusudama - Yellow, Orange

Paper Art – Sculpture – kusudama – Yellow, Orange

Stoneware Sculpture "Two Suspicious Chickens", Handmade Ceramic Animal Figure

 Stoneware Sculpture “Two Suspicious Chickens”, Handmade Ceramic Animal Figure by MURTIGA

Mom, Dad, me and the world - Paper cut and paper sculpture - reproduction art card

Mom, Dad and Me  Daniel MAR 

peonies vase

Chrysanthemum Vase by Anthropologie


24" Sphere Garden Metal Sculpture

24″ Sphere Garden Metal Sculpture by Brett Cleveland

Pinned Image

Recycled Mats by Plumo

Artisan Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes by Olive and Cocoa

Teak Ladder 

Banded wool pouf 

No. 2 Dahlia Wall Sculpture

Dahlia wall sculpture by Dillypad

July 6, 2012

Paper Art: Diana Beltran Herrera

I came across this amazingly talented paper artist, Diana Beltran Herrera, whom I thought you would be interested in seeing. She is a formally trained artist from from Botega, Columbia and I have fallen in love with her detailed, free flowing birds. If you’ve been following this blog, I’m sure you’ve seen that I have a great obsession with paper and the art of cut paper. I also had a sweet little bird named Fresco growing up, so these paper cut treasures lie near and dear to my heart. If you have a second to enjoy her detailed sculptures, they are extremely beautiful and her craftsmanship of structured movement  is divine.

For more works by Diana Beltran Herrera visit her website, Pine. images via pine.

April 16, 2012

Recycled Paper Logs

Artist Julie Dodd uses recycled paper to create an installation driving home the point of Illegal Logging and deforestation. For commentary regarding the exhibit click here.

February 27, 2012

The Vibrant Jen Stark

Jen Stark is an artist of many mediums, but the pieces which catch my eye the most are her sculptural works. As a Miami native, her environment has influenced the brilliance of her artwork giving it a natural movement with boundaries, but not limitations. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

” I definitely think environment and upbringing can affect art-making. Growing up in Miami I experienced so many different cultures and their colorful energy probably rubbed off on me. Also in Miami, plants are green and thriving year-round, and I was always surrounded by an abundance of them. I think my interest in nature sparked my love of accumulation, layers and microscopic patterning. Because it seems that many people can become stagnant in Miami I decided to go to Baltimore for college, even though I had never visited, or even been in real snow before. I guess the cold weather and fear of crime rate sort of forced me to become creative in the studio, focus on my ideas and let loose the vibrancy! Also, I attribute the start of the paper sculptures…”

For more of  Gabe Scott’s interview  and her work click here. 

oh yeah…this is how I feel about the fact that it’s Monday.

Shore Leave

Jonathan Queen via Miller Gallery

January 30, 2012

For Love of Paper – Patricia Zapata

I recently had the pleasure of taking a paper workshop from the extremely talented Patricia Zapata of A Little Hut . After the workshop, I came away with an even larger love of paper. About 8 years ago, when my husband and I lived in London and I was soul searching,  I used to get sucked into Paper Chase on Tottenham Court Rd. I used to wander around for hours. It was 3 floors and had every paper product you can imagine. When I took Patricia ‘s workshop in Salt Lake, it took me back to all the beautiful paper and rich colors and designs. I remember all the lovely things I had wanted to create and I was able to create this adorable piece above. This is one of her templates which we cut for the workshop and below are some of the steps and supplies.



Tea Light by Patricia. Click for more of her printable templates.


The Lovely Patricia Hut holding her mobile, which I believe has around 100 cut flowers.


January 16, 2012

Paper Fashionista

As I’m preparing for my upcoming Design Blogging Conference, I stumbled onto this amazing artist, Eloise Corr Danch, who does paper art works. The majority of her pieces are paper floral design, but I recently found a couple fashion works she created for a collection. I just fell in love with the mix of the two.  The art of fashion and fashion in art has always been of great interest to me because of the influence one has on the other.

When I look for works of art or pieces for my personal clothing collection, I always take into account the creativity in each. I love my clothing to have architectural and artistic detail. I look for stylized pieces that are simple, but have a certain pleat or trim to make them unique from others. Often times, I’m not at the leisure to afford many of the clothes that I desire, but if they can’t end up in my closet, then I’ll take the pleasure of viewing them in art works. At least one of my sense can be evoked.

Another artist who is known for her fashion paper works is Jennifer Collier. This UK artist, has created a collection of shoes and dresses. What more could a fashionista ask for?

Jennifer Collier

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