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November 8, 2012

The Process: Conception to resolution

One thing I love more than Art, is the process for which it is created. Sometimes more creativity thrives from viewing the idea from conception to resolution, rather than the finished product. I don’t think any artist ever resolves their work though. It is ever tumbling around in their mind as to how it can improved. Anyway, I came across this image of a spiraling sculpture being built in South Korea  in 2011 and it was really amazing to see the in’s and out’s of how it’s created.

December 14, 2011

The Contempo Dollhouse

For your children or the child in you? brinca dāda’s  contemporary beach/concrete style home has been scaled down to a modern day dollhouse, less the pink bows and purple wallpaper. It is cool beyond its years!!

A house like this is a good way to get perspective on rooms and how to lay them out. The furniture is free and you can use this home as a model when rearranging your own furniture. Granite, the shape of rooms are different and almost no one has a spiral staircase, but it’s still an easy way get ideas without uprooting all of your belongings in a space that is no longer functional after rearranging.

The Dylan House is currently offered on with free furniture and shipping. I just got mine. I’ll let know know how it goes.

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