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March 19, 2012

The Art Zone

Children’s Interactive Art created online.


The National Gallery of Art has joined technology with creative learning while trying to promote children’s artistic development. Everyday around the US, funding is cut for the Arts and we are loosing talent that is right before our very eyes. Can you imagine a world without the beauty of the creative eye?

Just like Math, Language and the Sciences, creative learning begins early. Earlier in fact than most educational programs. Children are able to finger paint before they can speak, read, or conduct simple experiments. The difficulty is, like every other talent or skill, if the brain is not exercised, the creativity can be lost. Why not in grain in our children at an early age the importance of The Arts and living a creative life. Challenge them by giving them an artistic outlook on the world and teaching the importance of computer skills. By the time our children turn 5 they are exposed to computer skills in the school system. If you have not already exposed them, then they are already behind. This is a brilliant way to stimulate them in a progressive way.

The ability for small children to use their cognitive skills with the Art Zone Technology makes me hopeful that The Arts are not going to be lost in generations to come.

To find out more about the Arts and the software for Children visit,

characters made with Sea-Saws

images via NGAkids, shown as representation of the Art Zone Program.

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