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November 4, 2012

Michele Saulson: Vintage is the new Black

En Lieu of Daylight savings, I wanted to save this beautiful designer for a a day when we all have a little extra time for a spotlight. I recently caught up with Jewelry Designer Michele Saulson and she has been so lovely, to take some time and give us a little perspective on where her creativity comes from and how she stumbles on her vintage finds. Here’s what she had to say.

Vintage is the new Black. Well not really “new” new, but hotter now than when I raided my dad’s closet in 1985 for his suit and tie from 1953 to dress up as Pee Wee Herman for Halloween.

Or maybe it’s just taken on a new level. Is it the thrill of the hunt? Knowing that the treasure is one of a kind? For me it’s both of those plus the mystery behind the provenance of the piece. Who was the original owner? Where was it made? If only these pieces could talk.

Which brings me to my obsession, (I have a few these days) with vintage buttons. Yes, something as small and seemingly bland as a button – I learned – has a subculture of historians, collectors and societies. More important to me though, is the hunt for these incredible baubles. Many that I have used in my jewelry designs date back 100 years with a craftsmanship that today would be reserved for a piece of fine jewelry.

I love the thrill of scavenging through bins and boxes searching for bits of Deco, Art Neauveau, enamel, cut steel. Knowing, that when these buttons were fabricated, they were treasured so much for their beauty that they would be transferred from one article of clothing to another. My most recent purchase included a beautiful button from the late 1700’s (for which I paid a pretty penny and am reserving for my private collection).

The connections I have made with store owners, who are thrilled to see my passion as they relinquish these gems to me. To know they are safe and will be crafted into something truly beautiful for another generation to enjoy. I love passing that on.  ~Michele Saulson

The Designer

Not only is Michele using the past to pave a future in Jewelry design, but she is also using her creativity for a Cause. One of her pieces is a part of the Pink Fund project  and because Breast Cancer month has just ended, we need to keep the awareness going. %20 of the purchase of Michele’s Rhodonite Wrap Bracelet goes to the Pink Funds fight against Breast Cancer. Click below for how to purchase. 

All images via Michele Saulson Design. Click for pieces from her lookbook Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 collections.
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