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February 27, 2013

Part II: Fashion & Pottery

pincus fashion inspire

How fashion inspires us is an interesting thing. We use it in all facets of our life. Colors we see throughout the season inspire so many subconscious choices we make that year. When I caught up with Peter Pincus he told me he recently found an immense amount of inspiration in the fashion image above and what transpired? The beautiful work below. This well designed tea bowl has barely cooled from its last fire and is already off to a show.


The hue you see between the soft grey and black tones is between a mint and pale blue, which Pincus discovered as his eye mixed the pattern of the fashion image.

pincus front


pincus fashion piecesline 1: Mint jewel bracelet (steal)  // Ohne Titel Stripe Jersey Wrap Dress

line 2: Gap Body cardigan //  Pour La Victoire black Suede heal // Club Monaco Bucle Jacket // THE OUTNET Wool-crepe sleeveless jacket

line 3: Isabel Lu Hamptons Dress // Botkier – Valentina Shoulder bag

background: ASOS Pants In Jacquard (steal) // Asos black skater dress (steal)

February 2, 2013

Fine Art & Contemporary Utility

The artist Peter Pincus recently floated into my life and his style and outlook have made quite the impression on me. As the daughter of a potter, ceramics is cast deep in my bones. I remember at the age of 3 smashing my feet in the clay buckets and love the smell of fresh, wet clay.

PP cermics II

shift ceramics

The pieces by Peter Pincus strike me in way that appeal to many sections of the right brain. I very much appreciate the form and function of the work, but moreover the design and graphic element to the pieces; the possible influence of a retro, contemporary style. These pieces are on the edge of mixing many iconic eras. In a recent interview with Justin Crowe’s,, Peter explains the foundation of his works. One thing I find intriguing about Pincus’ process, is the ability to use only portions of each piece to make the perfect vessel. His process, which he explains in the interview, is to throw a piece, cast the mold, dissect it, take the perfected pieces and place them back together. In essence, I suppose it’s a mastered puzzle for our eye to enjoy.

PP ceramics


Peter relays his interest in crossing over to collaboration with the fashion world. His design work, in my opinion, would translate very well into fabric. I can see these designs walking the runway as we speak. His sleek lines, sharp edges and brilliant hues are a perfect match for a spring line.

I want to connect affluent art objects with contemporary culture. To do this, I make colorful porcelain objects that are both three dimensional paintings and functional containers. They combine vibrant material with contemporary aesthetics borrowed from pop culture, fashion, tattoos, modernist paintings and other sources. Together, they form a basic working vocabulary of color relationships and compositions highlighting what I see as defining elements of our current culture.  ~Peter Pincus   via Dizbe

Peter Pincus decanter and cup

January 21, 2013

Seeing the world through works

Carol Jackman - King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain by Carol Jackman 

Here’s how I’m feeling this Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and some of you are enjoying the holiday today. Here are a few lovely works to share.

Wall mounted glass pebbles  by Christopher Jeffries 

These pebbles are a calm start to the day. I love the creative way to display glass works.

 Murray Dessner

Guidecca by Murray Dessner,  2007, acrylic on canvas 

One of my passions is huge abstract works. They give me peace and evoke challenges simultaneously.


Tall Cake on Pedestal by Tina Ingraham 2012, oil on linen mounted on wood

Would really love to eat this entire cake for breakfast/brunch.

December 20, 2012

For Love of City Life

 Ground level looking into the sunrise in the meat packing district in NYC

Photo of the Meatpacking district  by Mike Richard

I have many great loves and one is bustling city life. I like to take a trip into the city as much as possible, to get lost, soak up the culture, the life, the buzz, the pace, everything a city has to offer. Here are some of my favorite city works and when the time that has elapsed has been too long, these bring me back to that place.

Boy in Park

Boy in Park- by Tim Gardner

Waiting – by Casey Childs – Principle Gallery

Bryant Park – Charles Jarboe – Principle Gallery

Emma Haworth

The Fox is Black illustrations

Paper Metropolis by Kiel Johnson

A photo essay of the city in the blizzard of 2010 click to see the rest…


December 16, 2012

Sculptural gifts under $100


Paper Art - Sculpture - kusudama - Yellow, Orange

Paper Art – Sculpture – kusudama – Yellow, Orange

Stoneware Sculpture "Two Suspicious Chickens", Handmade Ceramic Animal Figure

 Stoneware Sculpture “Two Suspicious Chickens”, Handmade Ceramic Animal Figure by MURTIGA

Mom, Dad, me and the world - Paper cut and paper sculpture - reproduction art card

Mom, Dad and Me  Daniel MAR 

peonies vase

Chrysanthemum Vase by Anthropologie


24" Sphere Garden Metal Sculpture

24″ Sphere Garden Metal Sculpture by Brett Cleveland

Pinned Image

Recycled Mats by Plumo

Artisan Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes by Olive and Cocoa

Teak Ladder 

Banded wool pouf 

No. 2 Dahlia Wall Sculpture

Dahlia wall sculpture by Dillypad

December 11, 2012

Gift Topper Ideas: Paper art


flowers I flowers II flowers III flowers

I have a serious obsession with paper art. L-O-V-E it! I love the way the paper feels, smells, the way it cuts and folds. I can get lost in paperchase for hours on end. Moreover, I love artist designs with paper and this year I’ve decided to make paperart flowers to top my gifts instead of regular foil bows. I’m not really a traditional girl when it comes to the holidays (I have a white tree with rainbow colored ornaments). I wanted to incorporate a handmade gift along with my standard awesome present.

flowers IV

To get the rich, less manufactured colors I like to add a further personal touch with watercolours. I paint the paper before folding and cutting and use an Ombre technique to create a gradient. You don’t neccessarily have to use watercolour paper. I like using heavy card stock because it holds the structure far better. Any old brush will do. This technique displays more of the color than the detail in brushstrokes. For a detailed D.I.Y instructions on how to make different types of flowers visit the sites below. As D.I.Y. is not my specialty, I’ll leave it to the pros.

Jones Design Company


Folio Love

Tip Nut

November 28, 2012

Gift Tip: Somerset Photography & Framing

I’m always looking for interesting, beautiful photography. The only thing about it is…they always have to be framed. If you’re thinking of a creative gift this year, framing is it. I’m sure you can look around your house and find something that needs a frame. Something staring at you, but it’s never a priority. Whether it an art piece, a family photo or a certificate, they all need a frame to be beautifully preserved and hung. Give the gift of framing, but make it easy. Find a local frame shop within 10 minutes of receivers home. Framing is so personal, that it is hard to set aside the proper allotment of time, so make it simple. A contribution towards a frame at a local shop. A gift certificate is just the push, but it has to be close. Framing tends to be an errand, so they have to drive past it already or get to it easily. Support your local business.

Hanging tip: Your frames do not need to match. The works display better, if the frames match the pieces. Groupings are more interesting if there are different elements in them.

Image source Niels Borch Jensen Gallery

Holler has a large breadth of work beyond photography. For more on Holler visit NYtimes 

For more on A K Dolven vist her site.  

November 8, 2012

The Process: Conception to resolution

One thing I love more than Art, is the process for which it is created. Sometimes more creativity thrives from viewing the idea from conception to resolution, rather than the finished product. I don’t think any artist ever resolves their work though. It is ever tumbling around in their mind as to how it can improved. Anyway, I came across this image of a spiraling sculpture being built in South Korea  in 2011 and it was really amazing to see the in’s and out’s of how it’s created.

November 4, 2012

Michele Saulson: Vintage is the new Black

En Lieu of Daylight savings, I wanted to save this beautiful designer for a a day when we all have a little extra time for a spotlight. I recently caught up with Jewelry Designer Michele Saulson and she has been so lovely, to take some time and give us a little perspective on where her creativity comes from and how she stumbles on her vintage finds. Here’s what she had to say.

Vintage is the new Black. Well not really “new” new, but hotter now than when I raided my dad’s closet in 1985 for his suit and tie from 1953 to dress up as Pee Wee Herman for Halloween.

Or maybe it’s just taken on a new level. Is it the thrill of the hunt? Knowing that the treasure is one of a kind? For me it’s both of those plus the mystery behind the provenance of the piece. Who was the original owner? Where was it made? If only these pieces could talk.

Which brings me to my obsession, (I have a few these days) with vintage buttons. Yes, something as small and seemingly bland as a button – I learned – has a subculture of historians, collectors and societies. More important to me though, is the hunt for these incredible baubles. Many that I have used in my jewelry designs date back 100 years with a craftsmanship that today would be reserved for a piece of fine jewelry.

I love the thrill of scavenging through bins and boxes searching for bits of Deco, Art Neauveau, enamel, cut steel. Knowing, that when these buttons were fabricated, they were treasured so much for their beauty that they would be transferred from one article of clothing to another. My most recent purchase included a beautiful button from the late 1700’s (for which I paid a pretty penny and am reserving for my private collection).

The connections I have made with store owners, who are thrilled to see my passion as they relinquish these gems to me. To know they are safe and will be crafted into something truly beautiful for another generation to enjoy. I love passing that on.  ~Michele Saulson

The Designer

Not only is Michele using the past to pave a future in Jewelry design, but she is also using her creativity for a Cause. One of her pieces is a part of the Pink Fund project  and because Breast Cancer month has just ended, we need to keep the awareness going. %20 of the purchase of Michele’s Rhodonite Wrap Bracelet goes to the Pink Funds fight against Breast Cancer. Click below for how to purchase. 

All images via Michele Saulson Design. Click for pieces from her lookbook Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 collections.
November 1, 2012

Today’s Style Crush: Lisa Congdon

it's complicatedSunrise

Highland Cow

standing guard


My style crush today is the Illustrator Lisa Congdon for many reasons, but mostly, it goes without saying, that she’s totally Rad. Yep. Rad. I love the carefree style of her pieces that still hold some what of a serious allure. I find myself  lost in the stare of her animals. The comfort of her graphite and brush strokes demonstrate ease and vibrancy giving her pieces a distinct flare. For places to shop, she can be found at Big Cartel, 20×200 and Etsy. check it out!

images via 

October 18, 2012

Watercolour: Samantha Hahn

While I was posting yesterday I really wanted to share the artist Samantha Hahn, but she deserves her own post, so I had keep her to myself for one more day.  Below is a piece I acquired for my own private collection earlier this year. The title is “Girl with Toy Cars”  and I am even more in love with it now, than the day I bought it.girl-with-toy-cars

I’ve been following Samantha Hahn and her new works since my purchase and want to share some of her recent Fall works from Fashion Week 2012. Enjoy!






Hevre -Leger 3


Benz 3


Dolce and Gabanna Sunglasses


Alice Revisits Wonderland

A few of her works have been included in the Fashion Illustrations: A Contemporary Outlook at the Brooklyn Public library, on display until December 1, 2012. Click below for more details regarding the show.

 Brooklyn Public Library Presents Fashion Illustration: A Contemporary Look

She’s also on the text train.

eat work cuddle sleep_1

For more of Samantha Hahn visit her website. images via. 

October 17, 2012

The Age of Illustration and The Jennifer

Jen 11

available at uppercase magazine

I recently found the talented artist Jen Hsieh in the book Jen 11. It’s a book about 11 artists named Jennifer. Pretty clever to mix the individuality of the creative world all under one name. Anyway, check it out. She has done illustrations for names such as The New York Times and Harvard Business Review and carries a line of fabrics and designs for wall art.

Parking Space

Social Phobia – High Anxiety

Taking a Leap of Faith Onto the Scale

A Taiwanese Scooter Girl

images via Artist Site Jen Hsieh

For her collections visit Jen Hsieh and her husband Kyle at Sorry You’re Happy.

“Most of us have some desire to feel unique, as though we have some authentic expression that is exclusively our own. So when the culture spins out the next trend based on you and your name, it is difficult to make sense of what is genuine. Maybe one truth that my Jen-eration makes visible is the simple reminder that we act collectively, often without even knowing it. Done with the right spirit, this can sometimes be the only way to act.”

Jennifer Khoshbi , via uppercase magazine

Pinned Image

The Myth of the Sea Traffic Controller

Artwork by Jennifer Khoshbin - Untitled

Reagan’s Last Years (detail)

images via Jen Khoshbin

We’re on the edge of a text – sculpture era and Jen Khoshbi is there. While the world has taken textual art by force, molding it into the round is next. visit her etsy shop for more trophy pieces.
Order Font Love

Pinned Image

Artwork by Jennifer Khoshbin - Untitled

Ka Pow – Graphite and paper


October 10, 2012

KMBrown: Beyond Creativity (Graphics from The Berrics)

What I really love about the creative world is that there is so much beyond formal Art. While it plays into all facets of creativity, so does contemporary design and pop culture. Here is an artist who has nailed it. Kevin Brown’s work ranges from graphics to multimedia/layout/web design to fine art.  His grasp on design and the reality of the modern world is beyond most.

He’s doing it ALL! Why? Because he can and he’s good at it!

Berrics Limited Edition t-shirt – Who doesn’t love Rob Dyrdek?

 Glassy Sunglass company layout/web design. (It’s all about Branding)

House Banners for The Berrics

Banner for the short film Wake Up.

Girls Best Friend – From the collection of A & K Brown.

Theme Deck for Fairfax Surfshop

Get this…he also does t-shirt design for Sometimes Y and I can vouch, these are the softest t-shirts you will ever wear. Check them out.


His portfolio also includes the The Berrics Spring 2012 apparel line. 

Can’t get enough of The Berrics and of course, Rob & Big.

All images via KMBROWN. For more visit

October 1, 2012

Eastern Market: Golden Glow

Happy Monday! This Monday brings some exciting news. I was featured in Daily Buzz Luxury  and Daily Buzz Moms today. Check it out!

Wangechi Mutu by Marilyn Minter GOLD

I also want to show this awesome photograph because it reminds me of my recent trip to Eastern Market.  I really wish I could be covered in gold and rocking out like this thriving woman. Nothing says style and flare like this kind of carefree passion.

The beginning of my Gold hunt.

similar pieces :

drop earrings: Janna Conner Designs // baublebar sky drops // Max & Chloe  // Pippa Small

gold cuff : Fantasy Jewelry Box // Kenneth Jay Lane  //Joolwe //Forzieri Italia

necklace baublebar blue bib // Baublebar stitch bib // cascade collar // Magenta mosaic Bib //Kate Spade

Classic Car I saw on the walk there. The vibe was too priceless to pass up.

September 29, 2012

James Casebere: Eliminate the Noise

JAMES CASEBERE  photography

When life gets as busy as it has been the last couple days, I think about what ways to clear my mind and regroup. Eliminate the noise. It’s a start. Here are a few works that help me push out the stress and breathe. smile.

Artist, James Casebere, creates a faux world and then photographs the pieces, so they are in essence “real”, but in a much smaller proportion. He then blows up the images to around 6 to 8 feet, so that it feels as if you immersed in the space.

Example of a model before photographed

His latest book.

James Casebere

Essay by Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego 2005

September 21, 2012

Elizabeth Peyton: Raw emotion & Rockers

I’ve watched and studied Elizabeth Peyton over the last 14 years and have become, I’d say, a little obsessed with her portraiture and the evolution of her subjects. I love the raw emotion or what on the surface appears to be a void there of. The combination of a strong, dominant, male presence with feminine undertones, red lips and a strict, but gentle jaw line. Peyton herself, appears that she could also be one of her monotype studies.

One of the reasons I stay intrigued with her work is the strength and passion of color and the use of vibrance with dark elements such as black shirts, purple (the color of royalty), dark hair, eyebrows or skin tones around the eyes. Kind of an ode to the legendary rockers and the lifestyle they lead. I love the simplicity of style and depth of complexity. Her 2011 show Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton, displayed at the New Museum, seemed to be an homage to rockers and socialites alike. Her works scream of her influencers Alex Katz, David Hockney and Andy Warhol. Similar to her mentors, her monotype, graphic style lends itself well to the edge of her works, but in contradiction, there is more of a Grace in her works. A moment in time where it is only she and her subject. It’s as if the person in the painting is looking at Elizabeth Peyton through your eyes. And…after all these years, I keep looking at them and hoping she’ll do more. Thank you Elizabeth Peyton!

Peyton c. 2000

images via

Art News

Two Palms

Walker Art

Index Magazine

September 13, 2012

Why do we love it? Because it’s timeless


Remember the ABC Home dinner? Here’s a street shot and amazingly enough, with a group full of bloggers, no one had their big lens. What are the odds? These girls were wonderful and had a keene eye for style. I Broke out my denim sailor pants for the occasion. From left to right Side Smile Style, ME, Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet, Style of Sam,  B Soup

Denim  polka dots // sweater denim // classic light denim shirt // mens dark denim jeans // classic washed denim shirt // mens denim and leather shirt // luichiny spiked suede heels

More denim pieces for your wardrobe. 

August 25, 2012

Emil Lukas: from painted thread to larvae




Pinned Image

Inside Out - paint and canvas with thread

Pinned Image

Gian Enzo Sperone Gallery Installation

Most Recent Title Detail

images via Emil Lukas

Emil Lukas is a mixed media artist  from Stockertown Pennsylvania who is most commonly known for his beautiful, delicate thread paintings. Thread isn’t just used in fabric with this evolutionary artist who combines the thread and larvae to create this powerful array of artistic movement. I love his work because it is an example of how the decorative fine arts take on a scientific approach. “The work is about understanding what’s already in your shop, what’s right next to you, and experimenting with its nature.” says Lukas. -elledecor

Larvae process of painting:

 The artist releases larvae into a sealed, prepared, environment where moisture, light, ink and paint color are controlled. As the larvae travel across the surface, they interact with the paint and ink, creating random and sinewy lines. Lukas establishes the context; however, it is the larvae’s movement that produces the marks – the traces of nature, the abstract remains of passage. via Sperone Westwater.

For more on Emil’s process of painting with thread and larvae grab this months issue of ElleDecor.

August 9, 2012

Neon: Go out with a bang

From High Profile Fine Art…

to Tonka Truck neon sand art.


As summer is winding down, you should go out with a bang. You can’t go wrong with neon. Show your style. Live a little. Brighten up your blues with a little florescent. Here are some neons that would be great off the shelf and in your wardrobe.

My Gorjana neon flops  & more must haves.


clockwise: nasty gal blazer //neon green pleated skirt // Rachel Pally dress // asos yellow platforms // townsen neon collar tank // pency floral shorts // cambridge hot pink satchel 

July 31, 2012

Photography: Move it!


Poolside Gossip Slim Aarons


Blue Fantasy by Agnieszka Maria Zieba

Vegas Construction by Richard Silver

The seasons change and so do our tastes. Mine changes every time the breeze blows. I find in my home, there are about 10 different ways to rearrange everything. My husband comes home to a different environment every couple of days. For those who know me well, I’m a shifter. Shifting gives your artwork, your furniture and your room a facelift. There is always a different look for inspiration. One easy trick to match my mood is to move my Art around. I Buy seasonal pieces and move them or store them during the changing months. It’s fun to visit an old friend. A great way to change your home is with photography. Bring in beach scenes in the summer or cherry blossoms in the spring. These don’t need to be break the bank statement pieces, just enough to give a revitalized look.  It’s always nice to have your staples which remain, but move the small works around for a revived room.

Above are some beautiful, reasonable imaginative photographs. I also look to vintage thrift stores to find transient pieces.

photographs via yellowkorner. For more inspiring photographs for purchase click.

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