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January 28, 2013

Bohemian Style Crush: Stephanie Von Watzdorf

Image via

I’m a huge fan of Chic Comfort and I’m loving the former Tory Burch Designer, Stephanie Von Watzdorf. The world traveler launched her new Figue collection last fall, inspired by the fig fruit she so often ate throughout her childhood in Italy. While her designs and style are definitely luxe and made for a champagne wallet, her edge is timeless. Although a native New Yorker, as a daughter of a Russian Ballerina mother and German/French father, she has been surrounded by a worldly view and desire to travel her entire life. Her cultural influence has left her collection with an independent imagination and rich, bohemian style.

So often our clothes wear us or are determined by the NOW factor. Von Watzdorf’s pieces are in essence, an extension of her lifestyle. She owns the look and incorporates the beauty of her experiences in her tunics and military coats.  From Marrakech to Manhattan, the design translates to all walks of life.


image via WSJ

Some photos from her travels.

J'adore... tassels!Color Every Step of the WayStephanie von Watzdorf: Queen of FigueHidden ArchwaysJ'adore... sketching anywhere!Finders KeepersBoat-In Movie

January 7, 2013

Style Crush: Jessica Craig-Martin Photography

Jessica Craig-Martin

Jessica Craig-Martin
Jessica Craig-Martin Jessica Craig-Martin

Jessica Craig-Martin

Jessica Craig-Martin

images via Greenberg Van Doren Gallery

Everyday version of modern miami chic style.

style collage II

drinking out of: ticker tape mug
Just in case it rains: No Brand umbrella
reading in: ipad case
dropping my stuff in: vintage wood bin
January 5, 2013

My Nook: Good Visuals & Recommended reads

Good Visuals and recommended reads

The rush of holidays is finally over and with all the parties, family, friends and fun, it’s time to slow down and look through the books I have long been coveting. Here are some of the reads I’ve added to my collection this season.

Books: Evidence  Architects// The Color Revolution // Dazzling Design // The Iconic Interior // Kelly Wearstler RhapsodyGood Reads

I also updated my nook with a mix of pieces vintage and mod.  It’s easy to change small spaces with simple updates. If you get overwhelmed tackle a corner or hall way. It will give you a fresh start for the new year. Floor lamp

Icelandic Sheep Skin Rug

painted table

Where I got this look: Table from To Bee Seated // Chair – Vintage find // Pillow -mod find from vintage shop // Icelandic viking sheepskin rug -found from a Artisan in the Blue Ridge Mountains // Stella Floor Lamp – Urban Outfitters

Nook PillowsNo Brand  70’s throwback//  Jonathan Adler Multi color Bargello // Jonathan Adler Jamaica Lane // @ pillow //Trina Turk Geo Yellow and Gray // Blissliving Jack multi pillow // Natori Lotus Temple

December 16, 2012

Sculptural gifts under $100


Paper Art - Sculpture - kusudama - Yellow, Orange

Paper Art – Sculpture – kusudama – Yellow, Orange

Stoneware Sculpture "Two Suspicious Chickens", Handmade Ceramic Animal Figure

 Stoneware Sculpture “Two Suspicious Chickens”, Handmade Ceramic Animal Figure by MURTIGA

Mom, Dad, me and the world - Paper cut and paper sculpture - reproduction art card

Mom, Dad and Me  Daniel MAR 

peonies vase

Chrysanthemum Vase by Anthropologie


24" Sphere Garden Metal Sculpture

24″ Sphere Garden Metal Sculpture by Brett Cleveland

Pinned Image

Recycled Mats by Plumo

Artisan Paper Snowflakes

Paper Snowflakes by Olive and Cocoa

Teak Ladder 

Banded wool pouf 

No. 2 Dahlia Wall Sculpture

Dahlia wall sculpture by Dillypad

December 12, 2012

Found Object Art and Design: Torlarp Larpjaroensook

Torlarp larpjaroensook

This is a spotlight on one Torlarp larpjaroensook, nicknamed Hern, an amazing Artist whose house is in fact, a canvas/workshop/ livable space/creative zone. The Artist and owner of Gallery See Scape has talent radiating out of the ends of his long dreadlocks. He turns found objects into treasure and uses elements in his environment to create 2D paintings of Oil and Acrylic. When he speaks of his art and his home, he comments,


My art is crazy because my mind is crazy- I put everything in my head into my art and feel peaceful for a moment, until the noise starts again. It helps me get creative.  ~Hern


Torlarp larpjaroensook ITorlarp larpjaroensook II


I look at everyday objects and think about how I use them differently, giving them a new or special function. I get inspiration from all around me.  ~Hern


Torlarp larpjaroensook III


Art is a part of our everyday life – I want to show art in everyday life. I believe everything around us is art.  ~Hern


images and quotes via Habitus.

December 11, 2012

Gift Topper Ideas: Paper art


flowers I flowers II flowers III flowers

I have a serious obsession with paper art. L-O-V-E it! I love the way the paper feels, smells, the way it cuts and folds. I can get lost in paperchase for hours on end. Moreover, I love artist designs with paper and this year I’ve decided to make paperart flowers to top my gifts instead of regular foil bows. I’m not really a traditional girl when it comes to the holidays (I have a white tree with rainbow colored ornaments). I wanted to incorporate a handmade gift along with my standard awesome present.

flowers IV

To get the rich, less manufactured colors I like to add a further personal touch with watercolours. I paint the paper before folding and cutting and use an Ombre technique to create a gradient. You don’t neccessarily have to use watercolour paper. I like using heavy card stock because it holds the structure far better. Any old brush will do. This technique displays more of the color than the detail in brushstrokes. For a detailed D.I.Y instructions on how to make different types of flowers visit the sites below. As D.I.Y. is not my specialty, I’ll leave it to the pros.

Jones Design Company


Folio Love

Tip Nut

December 7, 2012

Gift ideas: Stocking stuffers

holiday gift - stocking stuffersI

Looftlighter $79.00 // pave tassel earrings $58.oo// laundry totes $80.00//Keep Calm Carry On Bandages $8.00  //Horchow Initial Embosser $54.00 //  Mittens $6.00 // Kiehls Creme de Crops $48.00 // Gap pom pom Isle Hat & Knee Socks $24.00 (3 pack)

For More trends and gifts ideas visit my Currently Obsessed page

November 28, 2012

Gift Tip: Somerset Photography & Framing

I’m always looking for interesting, beautiful photography. The only thing about it is…they always have to be framed. If you’re thinking of a creative gift this year, framing is it. I’m sure you can look around your house and find something that needs a frame. Something staring at you, but it’s never a priority. Whether it an art piece, a family photo or a certificate, they all need a frame to be beautifully preserved and hung. Give the gift of framing, but make it easy. Find a local frame shop within 10 minutes of receivers home. Framing is so personal, that it is hard to set aside the proper allotment of time, so make it simple. A contribution towards a frame at a local shop. A gift certificate is just the push, but it has to be close. Framing tends to be an errand, so they have to drive past it already or get to it easily. Support your local business.

Hanging tip: Your frames do not need to match. The works display better, if the frames match the pieces. Groupings are more interesting if there are different elements in them.

Image source Niels Borch Jensen Gallery

Holler has a large breadth of work beyond photography. For more on Holler visit NYtimes 

For more on A K Dolven vist her site.  

November 17, 2012

Prepare for Thanksgiving: Must-haves

multi colored block set // Bocce Ball // Anthropologie Throw // Red Stool // floor lantern //cozy modcloth sweater //faux fur coat //gold plated studded bracelet // camo skinny jean // glitter booties//nikes // Polaroid Camera // extra film // more fun must haves

November 15, 2012

Designing the Capitol: Ode to Iris

Because we live near to the Nation’s Capitol, all I’ve heard nonstop are whispers or shouts about the recent election. While the world is in a frenzy, lets talk important things...DESIGN. I mean, the White House wouldn’t be the same with one of the most influential designers in the United States, maybe even the world. I’m talking Iris Apfel. This amazing woman helped to outfit and consult in restoration projects for the White House during 9 U.S. Presidential terms and she did it all with the glamour she exhibits today.

If you don’t know Iris Apfel, you will now never forget her. There are few style Icon’s that can pull of the never-ending theatrical display of accessories and prints, but Iris Apfel has done it seamlessly for years. Here are few of her finest get ups.


images via: The Guardian , She Finds , The Wild , Love is Speed , story


November 9, 2012

E Mag: Mini Break Reads

If you’re headed on a minibreak or holiday and didn’t have time to download the must read, here are 2 e-mags you can peruse on your journey. They are web accessible and are chock full of awesome trends and fall fashion highlights. 

Screen shot 2012-09-09 at 7.25.49 AM

Enjoy your lazy reads! 

E-mags to include:

Rue Magazine

Sweet Paul

Covet Garden


November 1, 2012

Today’s Style Crush: Lisa Congdon

it's complicatedSunrise

Highland Cow

standing guard


My style crush today is the Illustrator Lisa Congdon for many reasons, but mostly, it goes without saying, that she’s totally Rad. Yep. Rad. I love the carefree style of her pieces that still hold some what of a serious allure. I find myself  lost in the stare of her animals. The comfort of her graphite and brush strokes demonstrate ease and vibrancy giving her pieces a distinct flare. For places to shop, she can be found at Big Cartel, 20×200 and Etsy. check it out!

images via 

October 27, 2012

Black & White: Stay Simple

I feel like I’m seeing it everywhere. It’s timeless, it’s classic and as much as I need all the color in my life, it’s always back to black and white. The best movies, styles, memories, they all seem to fade or vibrate in black and white. 

Black and white Loft via, Arturo Chiang Averly ankle boot, skull sweater, neon sign, little black dress, Black Skater Skirt,  Men’s orvis shirt,

October 24, 2012

How is it Wednesday?

Even though the last five days started sitting in traffic, it’s been nonstop since. Here’s a little play by play of what AFF has been up to.

After what felt like hours upon hours in traffic, it was all worth it because we made it to a beautiful dinner which could not be captured because I was having too much fun. It felt a little like this. A quaint dinner for all of her closest friends and family. 

Bellisimo…Bellisimo!! Then, it led to dancing in this beautiful dress that I just had to wear because it makes me feel like a goddess. 

As the weekend wound down, it was total chaos, but I still had time for a little of this.

Scored this and this.

Then, the projects started.

Waverly Fabric and a second hand stool from antique shop in South Carolina.

Here we are today with a day before we leave town again and I feel a little like this. How is it going to get done? But it always does and most of the time it goes off with out a hitch.

Pinned Image

October 21, 2012

Obsession: tangible text

Because we all seem to be obsessed with text in a mobile world, here is some almost tangible text ideas.

quotel foto13 Minimalist Apartment Decorated With Wall Messages in Poland

If you’re ever in need interior inspiration, Freshome is one of my go-to’s. Even their older images relay timeless style.

For those who love to read and are creatives, making text visual fulfills an amazing satisfaction.

Pinned Image

Artist Kelli Anderson did a project for Armory Week in NYC and this was the gift. Why don’t we do these types of games anymore?

Black and White Tea Towel : Animal Group Nouns Design / organic / eco friendly hostess gift

Black and White Tea Towel : Animal Group Nouns Design / organic / eco friendly hostess gift

Tangible Text Tea Towels

Gray Scarf Text Gone Awry No. 2

Artlab Handmade cotton guaze text scarf. Hand Dyed. Hand Printed.

the Dirty Pink Nomad Scarf

October 10, 2012

KMBrown: Beyond Creativity (Graphics from The Berrics)

What I really love about the creative world is that there is so much beyond formal Art. While it plays into all facets of creativity, so does contemporary design and pop culture. Here is an artist who has nailed it. Kevin Brown’s work ranges from graphics to multimedia/layout/web design to fine art.  His grasp on design and the reality of the modern world is beyond most.

He’s doing it ALL! Why? Because he can and he’s good at it!

Berrics Limited Edition t-shirt – Who doesn’t love Rob Dyrdek?

 Glassy Sunglass company layout/web design. (It’s all about Branding)

House Banners for The Berrics

Banner for the short film Wake Up.

Girls Best Friend – From the collection of A & K Brown.

Theme Deck for Fairfax Surfshop

Get this…he also does t-shirt design for Sometimes Y and I can vouch, these are the softest t-shirts you will ever wear. Check them out.


His portfolio also includes the The Berrics Spring 2012 apparel line. 

Can’t get enough of The Berrics and of course, Rob & Big.

All images via KMBROWN. For more visit

October 6, 2012

Etsy Love: Wooden shelving options

white birch forest - natural white birch wood wall art/shelf - made to order

Bookshelves- Salvaged Wood Shelves with Steel Frame


2 Reclaimed Shelves

Cottage Chic Reclaimed Wood Bookshelves (Set of 2)
ON SALE - Reclaimed Bookcase - Tribeca Bookcase - Was 7,200 Now 5,700 Dollar

Portable Book  / DVD / CD Shelving Unit on castors

Iron and Reclaimed Wood

Industrial Shelf or Spice Rack



October 5, 2012

A.D.D.: One of those days

Today is one of those days, where I woke up with creative inspiration coming out of every part of me. It’s definitely an Attention Deficit Disorder kind of day. One awesome image leads to another, to another, to another. Everyone is busy, we’re all busy, so hit the floor running and GO. Follow your short attention span and see where it leads you. This is where mine went in about 5 minutes.

if I could live in a print world, this would be it.

If I could live in a world covered in print, this would be it. (Well, today anyway) Reminds me a little of this artist. Duncan Johnson. Reclaimed wood and nails.

What can a I make today…wait…very hungry for breakfast.

 hmmm, chocolate. better with marshmallows. Maybe we should have a fire pit tonight?

Need to find cool new retro outdoor chairs. Wait…first thing first. Having peeps over for happy hour. Need to prepare.

Wait, need to do real work first. Start with running downstairs and give the man of my dreams a hug. (Our offices are on different floors of the house. Makes for great coffee breaks.  

<br /><br /><br /><br />
Paris 1959 <br /><br /><br /><br />

Now do work. Then have fun with all my creative ideas.

For those who love creative inspiration and are visually stimulated, I’ve started a tumblr page named Emby Aesthetic. These are images I’ve seen along the way (that are not mine) but are intriguing and pleasant to look at. To find out where they came from, go to my page and when you toggle over the image, click on the image of a link. This will show the permalink. (because I need another social media distraction) Enjoy!

Emby Aesthetic

September 26, 2012

Color Selection: Upcoming game day

clockwise: Joe Jeans maroon skirt : BB Dakota Jacket : Orange Blouse : Mod Cloth Striped sweater : Polka Dot Dress : Merona Target belt : paisley skirt : Maroon Express skirt : Miz Mooz Kelsey -Grey Boot :  Mens New BalanceMens plaid shirt : Essentjewels earrings and necklace 

So, everyone who knows me well, knows I’m not that into football, BUT I went to a huge football university and I love the camaraderie. I also love an excuse to search for new staples. This weekend my Alma Mater is playing in the Capitol City, so I’ve got the outfit on my mind. We get to meet up with some 50 friends from college coming from near and far to do what we all did in college (Less the cheesesteaks at 2:00am).

What I really love about Football Season.


September 25, 2012

Elizabeth Garouste Chair Sillouette

image via Elle Decor

I saw this image last week in Elle Decor and I can’t get it out of my mind, so I thought I’d share. I love the brilliant idea to use the silhouette of the Elizabeth Garouste chair as a border in front of the window. The layered drapery beneath the wall border, allows the light to dash through the silhouette in such an eloquent manner, it can’t help but compliment the space. Beautiful!

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